W2 Coffee Co

latte and nasi lemak
"You must go try the nasi lemak at W2. The coffee is very good too." Imagine this being said a few times over lunch... and again and again when we met up a few weeks later for a meeting. Now how was I going to give W2 Coffee Co a miss especially when I love both nasi lemak and coffee?

And so it was lunch at W2. Lunch time was packed but service was nevertheless prompt and friendly. On our very first visit, we actually bumped into 4 different banking pals over an hour - all grabbing their takeaway and one common comment "good coffee here". And if you love to juices, they serve fresh juices too i.e. the one that is made upon order. Water is free too!

Traditional nasi lemak bungkus RM3. Reasonable size and one packet is good enough for most working folks unless you have a colony of worms within like me.
Unveiling the nasi lemak. Now doesn't this look like an origami swan?
Let's unwrap a little more. Lovely aromas begin to tease us.
And there you are! Ol skool and classic nasi lemak bungkus.
A closer look. I hope you can smell the rich coconut / santan / lemak aromas. Fluffy rice. Spicy sambal. And yes fragrant real banana leave! Crunchy anchovies and some lovely hardboiled egg. Perfect except I really would love more sambal though no one else is complaining about the sambal.

There's a few varieties of beans for you to opt for. A pretty good selection as well so do take your time and chat the Barista up on what's the recommended bean.
What's your bean? There's more not on display. 
Black or white? Fret not, they will run you through on your white preference too if you are unsure.
W2 Coffee Co
Latte and nasi lemak are perfect buddies. Don't take my word for it. Go try it!

 I am in strict orders of no coffee at the point of visit. So gave the hot chocolate a try. A darn good one I must say with hints of cinnamon! And if you like tea, check out their offerings of Jing tea (another personal favourite).
W2 Coffee Co
Hot chocolate
Jing tea

Items like bagel and croissant were not available during my visit but the cakes came in handy. Loved the cheesecake. Nothing too sweet or cloying and went perfectly well with the cup of hot chocolate and cleansed the tastebuds after the nasi lemak.
Cheese cake

A lovely place to chill per se and I reckon I will be making W2 Coffee Co my pit stop on my long run days...except I pity the folks who have to deal with a sweaty me (oooops). However, I have fallen in love with Sogo quite a bit recently (they have been revamped and a pretty interesting selection of merchandising and brands too), I reckon it might just be a regular day of after work for some shopping and food therapy 2-in-1!

W2 Coffee Co

Level Three, Sogo
Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur
T: +6012 204 8532

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