I live in a city called Kuala Lumpur. A Metropolitan city with loads of developments, lots of hustle and bustle. A city that never sleeps. I am aware of the homeless. I am aware of the poor too but I wasn't ready for was how bad the conditions were really getting to be. Here's some pics from Project #GongxiHomes on Wednesday 3 February 2016.
A street lined up with boxes and bags filled with groceries. 
Different items are packed for the different families based on their requirements eg kids, old folks etc.
1 bottle of cooking oil per family.
Bags of rice. 
Washing detergent, soaps, toothbrush, dish washing liquid  for hygiene and housekeeping.
Apartments are built around homes like this and the apartments will sell for at least half a million Ringgit a unit upon completion.
Developments 20 metres away. Where does one move to when there is no affordable flats available? What can RM25,000 relocation compensation do? It won't even buy them a house.
Urban poor in the city exist. 
This is someone's home for the last 11 years. 4 Children aged between 1 and 10 years old live here.
A child's cozy seat to rest. A child's study area too.
Walls with holes  for ventilation. Walls that also allow rain to come in.
Boxes are tagged so that we deliver the correct groceries to the correct home.
Pictures are taken as well to prove that the groceries were delivered to the family and not hijacked or sold off by the delivery volunteers.
Another family. They managed to get a flat in Bukit Jalil. This little girl is 5 years old and she is not in a play school or kindergarden to play with other friends or learn new things because there is no such facilities near her home. The nearest is a few kilometres away and her mum will have to spend money on public transport to bring her there. Her other 2 older siblings have to pay RM120 and RM150 monthly each to go to a school Puchong.
She's a little shy but she is happy to chat and see us.

At the end of the day as much as I am saddened by these realities of urban poor, I am also encouraged that not all in lost because there are corporates, organisations and individuals who really care for the less fortunate folks. Kudos Maxis for community projects like #GongxiHome and #ProjectsNourish which they collaborate with NGOs like Pertiwi Soup Kitchen and Kechara Food Bank. Staffs take time to head to the streets to interact with the the needy and hand out supplies to feed families and fill hungry stomachs. 

#GongxiHome delivered food boxes to families in Johor, Penang and of course Kuala Lumpur. There are more ongoing efforts by Maxis to do their part in giving back to the community. One of the ongoing projects is also crowdfunding with ecommerce sites like Lazada, Zalora, Gem Give, Rakuten and HappyFresh to build new houses for families in need. Of course more food boxes will be distributed soon too.

What you can do to help:
• Head on to the above ecommerce site and purchase the parts of a house that will go to the above mentioned projects. An example is
Look for "Maxis Charity EPIC". Click on it.
Select what you want to buy to contribute to a needy family's home.
• Go grocery shopping and purchase the items that Kechara Food Bank needs.

For more information:
• Kechara Food Bank: 
17, Jalan Barat
55100 Kuala Lumpur
T:+603 2141 6046

Caring and sparing a thought is not just a festive thing. Make that our choice and part of life to care for the less fortunate and needy in our own way. Do what's within our means. That smile that you bring to another person works wonders to your own heart too.

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CNY 2016: Youmiqi Cuisine

Youmiqi along Old Klang Road is definitely one of the best CNY menu that I have experienced this year. A lovely mix of familiar CNY dishes and delicious Cantonese Shunde influence.

Take your pick of 6 menus. It starts with a RM488 menu for 4 persons and the most expensive menu is RM1,988. The menu consist of CNY must haves and Youmiqi's signature dishes. While waiting for your meal, enjoy the complimentary appetizers.
Appetizing pickled cucumber while we wait for dinner to start. A tad spicy so watch out for the chili bits but it really works wonders to get the stomach juices ready for the feast that awaits us.
Chicken feet with a lovely herbal aromas of dongkuai to it. Absolutely tasty!

Here's a peak at some of the very yummy and definitely memorable dishes from a few of the CNY menus.
Abalone and Salmon Yee Sang
A very juicy and colourful rendition of yee sang with purple cabbage, cucumber, radish etc. Topped with whole peanuts and sesame seed for a lovely nutty bite. Shunde influences with lots of ginger
and garlic.
Loads of ginger and if you are not a big fan of ginger then you can request for them to remove some of the ginger before tossing. I love ginger so I have no complains:D
Fried Noodle Fish with Salt and Pepper 
Simple preparation with salt and pepper. Deep fried white bait fish with a crispy batter while the flesh is still moist making it a delightful and addictive dish. 
The Roasted Standing Ovation
This is one of Youmiqi's signature dishes. Cirspy skin and moist meat. Traditionally eaten as is those the restaurant would slice it and plate it for diners. Great on its own or eaten with some side house sauce made from the juices and marinade from the roasted chicken.
Braised Broccoli with Sea Cucumber
Crunchy broccoli that goes well with the braised sea cucumber and black fungus. Simple but absolutely delightful.
A flaming wok cooks before you. Quite a performance of sorts. Remember to snap pictures of video the whole cooking procedure!
Stewed Wok Ocean Grouper, Prawn, Sea Cucumber, Roasted Pork and Fu Chuk 
This is another signature dish at Youmiqi not to be missed. A wok full of yummy goodness. Delcious pan fried ocean grouper, prawns, clams, sea cucumber, fu chuk with some tummy warming ginger, garlic and coriander cooked with a hearty broth. Boiled then a little chinese wine is added at the last part thus the flaming action!
Hot broth being poured into the wok before its covered and cooked before you.
While our host scoops up the goodies for us, the aromatic flavours of the ingredients
make us salivate.
Prawns and fish in one dish to fulfil the requirements of happiness and abundance for the new year. But even if its not CNY, this is one dish that I will definitely return to savour.
Delicious goodness. None of the soup was wasted even though when we have finished the ingredients. On a normal occasion, I will definitely be having a bowl of rice with this soupy delight.
Mix Fruit with Scallop
A modern take at Youmiqi with assorted fruits and scallop. Not a dessert but certainly a refreshing dish after all the rich savouries.
The Golden Nestum Bun
Savour this while its warm. Soft bun filled with creamy Nestum cereal and creamy milk custard. I would have loved an extra bun!

Youmiqi is located along the busy Old Klang Road and right before Valencia Hotel (on your left as you head toward Mid Valley). Keep to your left after you pass the Buddhist Association / Temple. There's parking options in front of Youmiqi or at the hotel.
Youmiqi Cuisine
57 Jalan Klang Lama
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
+603 7980 0855

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CNY 2016: China Treasures @ KLGCC

China Treasures in KLGCC is not just another restaurant in a golf club. This is one restaurant that churns out good Chinese cuisine just about every visit that we make to this club. Usher in the year of the Fire Monkey at China Treasure with an impressive pork free CNY menu in a just as impressive set up. Book early and you might just be able to secure tables with a good view of the golf course that looks really magnificent during sunset.