Savvy Duty Free Shopping

Duty free shopping...yay or nay?

For me, I love the savings from duty free shopping. I also love the travel editions that sometimes are practical and of course for novelty reasons. Perusing through the duty free catalogues while on air is a good way to while away flight time. Walking through the airport scouring for duty free bargains is also a good way to burn some calories and get blood going in the legs after hours of sitting down.

And now here's more reasons to love duty free shopping and be a savvy duty free shopper too especially when you are flying with AirAsia AK flights. AirAsia now offers you the convenience of pre-booking your duty free shopping on
(1) This duty free shopping features over 100 selected items with guaranteed low pricing starting from RM9!

(2) Less to pack into your check in luggage! Whether it is something for yourself or even a present for your hosts etc, shop from the comforts of wherever you are anytime and anywhere up to 48 hours before your flight departure. Your purchase will be delivered to your seat when you board your flight.

(3) Earn BIG Points
Earn BIG Points every time you shop at BIG Duty Free. If you are not a member, hurry and join the BIG Loyalty programme today. BIG members are entitled to 1 BIG Point for every MYR 2 spent on purchases made via the BIG Duty Free website. Membership is free and there's plenty of benefits awaiting the savvy traveller.

(4) Exclusive and Limited Editions
Pamper yourself and your loved ones with AirAsia exclusives and limited editions that are only available at BIG Duty Free!

(5) SAVE more if you use the promo code MBKBDF you enjoy an additional 10% off your purchase!

And in fulfilling one of my resolutions for 2017 to take better care of my skin (in view of my training regime that requires me to spend long hours under the sun), I checked out what BIG Duty Free has to offer.
CLINIQUE Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush @ RM268
A whopping savings of RM178.67 and its definitely a good start to my resolution by making sure I keep my skin clean before applying the lotions and potions (which I haven't started looking at...but hey I have more reasons to shop on before my next flight this festive period).
Unboxed my CLINIQUE Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. Review coming up soon!

There's loads more that I can consider purchasing. And since the code MBKBDF offers 10% off the purchases from now till 28th February 2017, I might as well take advantage of it and start purchasing for Valentine's day and the 3 birthdays coming up in the family.

Shopping on is easy!
• Hop on over to
• Browse and shop up to 48 hours before your flight departure
• Choose what you want. Look out for the Lowest Price Guaranteed logo!
• Pay online
• And the items will be delivered to your seat!

For more information about AirAsia BIG Duty Free Lowest Price Guaranteed for Online Pre-Booking, visit

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Carbo loading with Fruits

Strange as it may be, I love fruits and nuts as part of my carbo load meal before a race. Even when I was running 100km over a weekend as part of my preparation for Craze Ultra or for that matter any endurance run, I love the juicy goodness of such meals that works to nourish and hydrate the body. And there's more to carbo loading than just stuffing our faces with bananas!

To make the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, I work with a mix of local and seasonal fruits. And if you are living in the tropics like I do, you will be surprise that we also have our fair share of superfood in the form of fruits including dragon fruit and guava!

This morning's fruit platter makes the best of the seasonal Mandarin oranges that is plentiful with Chinese New Year drawing close. Almonds and sunflower seed for additional proteins and some good fats. Banana is the usual norm for potassium and magnesium to prevent cramps.

Guava is pretty much available all year long in Malaysia. As this was from my neighbour's garden and free from pesticides etc, I served it together with the peel for extra flavours and nutrition. the guava is a humble looking fruit yet is actually being classified as a superfood. A very affordable one too compared to imported ones.
And in case you wonder why I say guava is a superfood? A 100g serving of guava gives us a good portion of our daily RDA nutrition needs:
• 380% Vitamin C
• 21% Vitamin A
• 12% Potassium
• 6% Magnesium
• 22% Dietary Fibre
• 5% Protein
• 11.5% Carbohydrate
• A moderate source of B-complex vitamins including pantothenic acid, niacin and pyridoxine (vitamin-B6)

Green guava, mandarin oranges, banana and topped with almonds and sunflower seed

Popular bananas and watermelon also appear as my favourite pre race diet. As usual, I would add on nuts and seeds for bite and because I need some extra protein for the body to recover from a race or training session. Good protein options includes hardboiled eggs. I also add kefir and yogurt which I make on my own for protein and probiotics to ensure good gut health.

Banana, watermelon, pumpkin seed and sesames seeds.
Do you know that 2 bananas goes a long way to fuel a 90 minutes run easily? Watermelon is a juicy way to hydrate pre and post races. Instead of chucking down an extra litre of water a few days before race day, I often resort to watermelon as a form of hydration and good sugars.
Looks like acai bowl but it is really a commonly found Dragonfruit (Pitaya) that I blended with some kefir and topped with assorted nuts and seeds. Loads of flavour and essentially easy to prep. Do you know that the Dragonfruit is also another superfood with the seeds being a good source of fatty acids?
Fruits, nuts on a lovely bed of greens and some homemade kefir 
There are some days when I want regular carbs. Bread with homemade nut butters topped with banana and more almonds!
Almost Christmas colours. A mix of local, imported fruits, assorted seeds including lotus seeds and added egg for protein!

So there is definitely more than just breads, pasta, potato, rice or banana for carbo loading fun! The above are some of my favourites that I have taken on a regular basis especially before the weekend long runs or in today's instance of prepping for Sunday's #TwincityMarathon that requires me to run a whole lot faster than how I would normally do for ultras.  These favourites also do not make me sleepy after I have had a big portion of them. Have fun with your carbo loading!

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Race Review: MPI Generali Run 2017

MPI Generali Run 2017 @ 1:03:43. Not too shabby for my first race for 2017 considering I was chatting away or making traffic announcements along the race. A very well organised race that has grown bigger and better ever since I first ran in it in 2013.