Christmas In A Box

What strikes you when a mall cuts down on its Christmas decors? Cut budget? Bingo!

And that is precisely what IPC Shopping Centre is doing this year for Christmas. No 100' fancy Christmas tree with fancy lights and ornaments. A budget cut for a good and very applaudable reason. Christmas decors take a step back for something plainer and a good reason that the money will be channelled to meet the needs of 100 Malaysian families in need.

Through a crowdfunding campaign Christmas in a Box, IPC urges members of the public to join them in achieving a target of RM100,000 worth of groceries, school supplies and toys collectively to be given to these families selected by HOPE Worldwide Malaysia.

Choose from 4 gift boxes to donate:
1. Happiness Box – IKEA Toys and Arts and Craft Supplies (RM25)
2. Home Box – Groceries (RM48)
3. Back-to-School Box – School Supplies (RM120)
4. Care Box – Groceries + School Supplies (RM168)
IPC Shopping Centre
The amount is not much and I urge that each of you to contribute your share. You can always grab a few friends to share the RM168 Care Box or skip 1 fancy breakfast outing for a RM25 Happiness Box.

Swing by to the Concourse at Level G of IPC Shopping Centre. You will see a simple Christmas tree made of boxes. The donation counter manned by HOPE Worldwide Malaysia is there beside this "plain" Christmas tree until 27th December 2017. For more information head over to
IPC Shopping Centre
Make your contribution at this booth. A receipt will be issued to you on the spot. This is a tax deductible donation.
And don't be surprised to see balloons tied to your car's side mirror. Look is a reminder to swing by to the booth to do your bit for the less fortunate.

And you want to give a different kind of Christmas present to your pals or loved ones, asked if they are good to receive a gift from you in the form of a donation to this Christmas initiative by IPC Shopping Centre and HOPE Worldwide Malaysia. I am doing so for my family members.
THANX for reading. Do head on to the following channels to show some love.

Recipe: Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza

I craved pizza. I also wanted something that was flaky and rich. So birthed the crazy idea of Tomato, Cheese and Rocket Puff Pizza for Friday's tea time.

It was a crazy week of work this week. I barely slept 3 hours a day since last Saturday. Needless to say I wasn't eating proper meals or even eating enough so this puff pizza was probably my body's way of calling for calories needed for the weekend's mileage training and perhaps to make up for being 'starved'. So if you want something more calorie friendly, just replace this with a regular pizza dough instead.

Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club

Me: Mum, let's go for dimsum in Klang.
Mum: Klang dimsum? You mean bak kut teh.
Me: Dimsum lah but if you are not full or satisfied after dimsum, we can always have bak kut teh too.

Not many would think of Klang for dimsum. Better known for bak kut teh and seafood, Klang is actually a hidden gem for dimsum. Make pork free dimsum at Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club in one of your must try spots the next time you head in to Klang town.