A cool twisty weekend at Berjaya Hills

It was an absolutely fun weekend. In actual fact, weekend started on Friday morning. We headed off to our much anticipated JP Motorsport Berjaya Hills Challenge.

Basically it was nice and cool, then wet and slippery then some hot and windy. An amazing mix of all weather in the 2 days. Simple driving. Consistent driving. It was not just about speed.

The challenge was 3 - fold. Downhill challenge where we got our practice run and also to time our drive down the 8km hill stretch. And come Saturday, we repeat the same drive without any timing devices whatsoever in our cars, and we have to clock the closest possible to the time handicap that we had declared the day before. Sounds simple eh? Guess what, driving in the hot afternoon for our practice run and the actual run in the cool morning air means a lot of difference to the driver and car. Being cooler, its easier for the car to perform optimumly:P As such, we tend to drive faster. So the key was to basically, drive as how you would normally
 drive. No concern about timing...just have fun while driving and voila..our time variance was 1.06% faster than our declared time!

Similarly with the uphill challenge, we basically have to perform as close as possible to our declared time handicap.

The 3 challenge was Time Attack where driver had to drive around the cones (we call it donuts) and the obstacles without knocking them down. This we did it on top of the Colmar Tropicale roof top. Absolutely scenic and fun.

All in all, it was meant for the supercars & performance i.e. Lamborghini, Ferraris, Lotus & Porsches. A few odd entries from the Japanese school including mine got in and we did well for all 3 challenges - well means going home with top 3 positions:-)

At the back of my head, I asked why discriminate the Japanese cars? Only the GTR was considered deserving to participate. Anything less like the S2000 or MRS merely got in when we applied via a Singapore track group. Our individual entries from day 1 were not entertained. Not complaining much since I ultimately got to play and took some prizes home. Although I would have wanted the RM45,000 lucky draw prize from Sincere Watches. The jelly mold from Selangor Pewter in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is good was for a good cause afterall. 

Berjaya Hills - kinda fun place. I have not been there for a good 2 years, and it was all nice and fun. I even felt a lil like a tourist. A lot of pics, but here's just some.

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