Debts and a Mr Ong

Tried calling a friend who is also a client on his repayment for some services that we rendered to him. 12 months plus down the lane, he has yet to pay the invoice. It was initially, yes, I'll give you a few postdated cheques. Then came to the time to collect the cheques, he would be busy and suddenly...disappeared. Life seems fun and exciting as he paints on his Facebook account BUT when confronted on his repayment, all sort of @$%^$# excuses pop out.

I am so tempted to call up his business partner from another business to set up an appointment to discuss eye ball to eye ball with this super elusive Mr Ong. he now absolutely refuses to pick up calls, reply sms and emails. What to do?

Sigh sigh Mr Ong, bila mahu bayar hutang? 

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