Shalom the Gremlin

My life basically became very complete when this lil gal walked into our lives. We went to view the litter just to "entertain" a friend of ours. I never had in mind a shih tzu. Why? The ones I met were noisy, loud, eat shit. Not kidding, the ones I knew had Coprophagia i.e. eating their own poop or another dog's poop.

And true enough, when we arrived, the whole litter including the parents were barking their heads off. I told myself...OMG...shih noisy!

Then came a young lady who trotted to us. All puppies are cutelah. Like some furball. This one was yet to be adopted. Easy to see why. Lousy markings. But this young lady came and sat with me and my pal. Comfortably she sat and slept after we gave her a nice rub. The rest they say is history. We ended up adopting her. or was it her who adopted us? While the whole world was screaming (I mean barking) their heads off, this one was peaceful and silent.

When she turned 8 weeks, I brought her home. Why 8 weeks? That is to ensure that she has weaned enough from her mother.

Our drive home...she is amazing. She sat quietly in her box. Till today, she is an amazing travelliing kiddo. I will post more pictures from our road trips up the hills, to the beach etc. She loves the cabriolet that we drive. She has most fun sticking her nose to sniff the air and the wind that blows through her amazing sight.

Her puppyhood wasn't easy. She had very bad mange. The ones that left her bald and skin all reddish. I will share more later on how we went through the tough time of nursing her back to health. Lots of articles and tips that we relied on. Now she turns fact in a few days time, Shalom turns 6!. I will pictures from her birthday party:-)

Meanwhile, these are some pics taken from our recent holiday to Cherating and some shots from all over during the weekends.


  1. Tammy frm FacebookApril 30, 2010 at 6:48 PM

    I enjoyed reading your musings. It is well written, simple, to the point, interesting, honest and easy to read! Thanks for sharing your life/views on the internet openly.

    What can I say, I love all the beautiful photos too.....

    Love to all,

  2. Shalom Loo Xiao Long has join you mummy. She crossed the rainbow bridge ๐ŸŒˆ to be with you my dearest.

    She will company you always from now on. Mummy will care for you now dear shalom. Tell mummy daddy will be alright & he will care for himself.