Allah, Islam & Christianity

The whole world is looking at Malaysia. Malaysians are talking about it. Sigh...

My take? No reason to drop the word Allah from Bibles when it has been used all this while in East & Peninsular Malaysia all this while. Even the the Christians in the Middle East use the word "Allah". Are we to demand that they drop the usage too?

But more so, its simply the Christian way of addressing Allah in Bahasa Malaysia. If I were to call my father "Daddy", does that mean that only I can use the word Daddy and I demand that everyone else not use the word daddy. No more Godaddy for us to purchase domain names. The movie Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler is also not allowed. Imagine the courts around the world or for that matter our Malaysian courts and cabinet ministers being kept busy on Daddy, Dad, Papa, Appa etc. LOL.

Even in protesting a court's judgement, who are these arsonist to burn the churches? Its total disrespect. Surely Islam has taught all to be humble and be respectful. Beyond respect, we're also looking at what if people were hurt in the attack? Or what if someone dies because of the arson?

Whatever it is, nothing warrants such deliberate provocative violent acts on places of worship (I would like to term it terrorism although I fear it is a strong word for emotional beings who cannot exercise restrain and humility). This violence is not to be termed as as communal conflict of Muslims and Christians in malaysia because we have always being united. The arson is an insult to Islam and to all religions in Malaysia.

We are pushing for 1Malaysia . And in the absence of tolerance, what is 1Malaysia. Is it even possible?

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