Fabulous 2010

Its a new year and I can't help feeling chirpy and excited. Many are not sure what the year of the Tiger (Chinese horoscope) brings - many fengshui masters have said its a lot of clashing of the elements.

I am however very upbeat. Not just because my fengshui consultant Belinda has said so but its just the feel good factor that I have been having inside my being. On another note, the law of attraction - feel down and nasty and that is what you will attract.

2009 albeit a rocky year with so many hospital visits and stays, my Godma passed away, some lost transactions and a bad accident myself (I crashed an ATV and the ATV bounced off my 41kg frame) but its still been a good one coz I chose to look at it from a good angle. The incidences has united friends and family. A precious bond that we cannot value in dollars and sense. That warm fuzzy feel is precious.

So will be fabulous. I wish all friends and family, acquaintances and even the random stranger a bountiful year ahead filled with good health, joy and prosperity.

Resolutions? None. Just goals! And I have 10 of them. Breaking them down seems easier and so come 2010, its just 10 goals broken down into 365 days. I'll fill in the details as the days goes:-)

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