Shalom's day out

Every weekend, no matter how busy we are, we will not fail to bring kiddo out. Most days we will definitely bring her to parks where she gets to share gossips with different pals of hers. Not sure if they know each other but let's just assume that they are all friends. Life will be more peaceful this way. LOL
From these outings, I sort of gathered that the kids relay messages or gossips by marking with their pee. It seems like one sniff is a download of information of each other's life:P And comments are when one marks over someone else's pee mark. Hehehe.

I supposed when they sniff each other's butts or face, it also another form of communication.
Armed with our poo bags for our diva is quite a poo machine during her sessions out to the parks or jungle trekking, and yes we generally keep her on leash. Well its just adherence to rules although she has proven herself to be very good off leash. However we do not want to encourage owners whose kids are not good at recalls or off leash commands, so we have Shalom on the leash. Cleaning up after her is also a must. Can you imagine how it is to step on poo? Eeeewww. But yes, despite clear signs, some owners just choose to ignore the clean up signs or leash signs. Sigh. It is not easy to find dog friendly parks in Malaysia, and I can't comprehend why some folks could not are less. Are they waiting for the park to be taken from us all? For now, it seems like only Desa Park City Waterfront is truly doggie friendly except for the eateries.

Complaints aside - can't be "sighy". Shalom gets her chance to be off leash where possible. That is for her to have her runs. This diva with all her fur is quite a sight when she runs. Yes she runs like the wind and her fur flaps. Something like a flying mop. And when airborne you can catch her expression - almost a gremlin. Very delightful.
Of course once she has finished her runs, the pink tongue is all out with her contented smily face - most times, she will seek for a chair or stool. Anything but the ground. Such diva isn't she?
And on days when she absolutely is super diva after the walk, Daddy comes armed with a stroller for the diva to ride in.
All these trips, I normally stock up on plenty of water, treats (in case she gets hungry but again no reason for her nor her pals to say no to treats:P) and ice cool yogurt. Honestly, the icy yogurt is for us, but she loves it. And being generally a safe food, we allow her these lovely ice cold yogurt. Shalom absolutely adores them. Check out that face:-)
One other reason why we simply love the weekend outings as much as Shalom, these parks or jungle trek sessions (will post pictures from trekking session soon) is so peaceful and delightful for both Shalom and us alike. Its therapeutic - the fresh air, some sun, grass - nature does wonders to the soul!)

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