Damansara Village@Imbi - definitely good food!

Its rather difficult to get good Chinese food that's MSG FREE. Well here, no MSG. Its good old fashion yummy food that you find in home kitchens. In fact Patrick Teoh (yes that gruff voice that we all loved when we were kids on Radio 4) shared that the dishes here are indeed dishes that's served in homes of their friends and relatives. Thus explains the yumminess:-)

The ala carte dishes are endless and with my stomach, I want to eat just about everything! But my faves are as follows:

Steam chicken is smooth. No fat under the skin. So I am free to eat the smooth soft skin and savour the flavour of the chicken skin which is normally a no no. Chicken is from their own farm. Well exercised chicken and its not young chicks - chicken is 100 days old. So they are nice, firm and flavourful.
Then the sang yu is not the one you get in the market. These are real swimming fellas that Damansara Village has contracted with the orang asli to supply. Firm and minus the mud taste, plain steam is just the best preparation to savour the juicy fish. You taste the sweet juice of the sang yu. Oh! Did you know the gelatin from sang yu is good for your skin? If you've been to surgery or if anyone in your family has, the sang yu is a must have to help the skin heal faster and evenly.
And A MUST NOT MISS are the lala and also the bamboo shellfish (chok tan) is so satisfying. The right amount of wine, garlic and cili padi, adoi....I am tempted to order double portion! Here they serve you good big lalas and chok tan. Not the tiny kuchi meow ones that is not satisfying in the mouth.
Crab. I simply love crabs. And we chose salt baked crab. Yeah, crab cooked in a sea of salt. Its salty (of courselah) and the sweetness of the crab is just perfect
And now for the chinese in me - babi! Pork!

2 must have porky dishes are the Trotters in Vinegar (chu kiok chou). Here they serve it with and egg in it. Just nice in terms of the vinegar sourness and coupled with the right amount of ginger, this is a dish that will have you asking for more. And yes more rice too!
The egg has absorbed the flavour of the meat, vinegar and also ginger - so its such a fine thingy to eat on its own:-)
And another porky is the pepper pork soup. This soup is POTENT! The rich taste of the best pork parts (and spare parts) with lots of pepper is invigorating. It is spicy yet you want more. Utterly flavourful and for a person who does not like spare parts, I have to say this is certainly good stuff.
Fresh seafood steamboat! Yes Damansara Village@Imbi has it! So what you can expect is just the pure sweetness of jolly good fresh live swimming seafood.

Steamboat is during the night. You can opt to eat in the AC or outdoor cooled by fan and nature:P Unlike most steamboats, with the live seafood, you can imagine the tastelah. Not the regular balls and processed stuff that you normally get. And check out the herbs and wine that goes into the stock. Its ecstasy!
Damansara Village is nicely tucked in the middle of town. Yet it is not really in the middle of town. Why? If you're in KL town itself, its easily accessible by multiple road. Yet if you're coming from PJ or Cheras, it is not off limit as its connected by Smart Tunnel and major link roads. So its really no issue of traffic jam. Parking is also superb with parking operators operating smack opposite this yummy place.

Damansara Village @ Imbi
32, Jalan Utara off Jalan Imbi (opposite Pasar Rakyat)
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2141-1678
GPS coordinates Latitude: 3°08'40.91"N Longitude 101°43'01.70"E mouth is watering even as I upload this...aiyoh...must head there again:-)

why so malas...

I sometimes wonder why I even blog when I am so malas (lazy). Its hard enough uploading pics to Facebook. And to blog too...adoi...seems like hardwork.

But I realised that if I could just spare 10 minutes per day and blog, it really couldn't get that bad. Right? I mean at least I have experienced it first hand the following of doing it a maximum of 10 minutes a day and I love the results:
(1) groom Shalom at least 10 strokes a day and she's now such a pretty girl with her long fur . Almost like a tissue box:P

(2) clearing the store room and closets of clothes, shoes and accessories that others would wear it more often coz they need it than my whim and fancies of wearing it like once a year?
(3) reading. I've always been a reader of all sorts. But I realised that I rarely read the enriching and empowering books. if compared to my junk reading of magazines and labels (yes I read all sorts of labels), it would be 1 of book to 9 of magazines and labels. So these days, its at least 10 minutes of "proper" reading before I sudoku and sleep. 

Well that does not mean that I will darn blog everyday. I will need at least to have something interesting or worthy to say. I hate to grumble and bitch about life. Plus it would seem such a waste to try to remember my life like that.