why so malas...

I sometimes wonder why I even blog when I am so malas (lazy). Its hard enough uploading pics to Facebook. And to blog too...adoi...seems like hardwork.

But I realised that if I could just spare 10 minutes per day and blog, it really couldn't get that bad. Right? I mean at least I have experienced it first hand the following of doing it a maximum of 10 minutes a day and I love the results:
(1) groom Shalom at least 10 strokes a day and she's now such a pretty girl with her long fur . Almost like a tissue box:P

(2) clearing the store room and closets of clothes, shoes and accessories that others would wear it more often coz they need it than my whim and fancies of wearing it like once a year?
(3) reading. I've always been a reader of all sorts. But I realised that I rarely read the enriching and empowering books. if compared to my junk reading of magazines and labels (yes I read all sorts of labels), it would be 1 of book to 9 of magazines and labels. So these days, its at least 10 minutes of "proper" reading before I sudoku and sleep. 

Well that does not mean that I will darn blog everyday. I will need at least to have something interesting or worthy to say. I hate to grumble and bitch about life. Plus it would seem such a waste to try to remember my life like that.

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