Super GT 2010 - sun & babes (4 wheeled ones)

I love cars and probably know a fair bit about cars better than some blokes. Hmmm..why do people say that cars and engines are for blokes? No way!!!

Anyhow, we decided go for the Gt having missed it last year due to work. This year, work or not - I am going for the GT and I planned the week just for that. Took the corporate suite package that came with a track session. Work - yes work however prevented us from going in on Friday for out track session:-(

So Super GT this year basically was a whole Saturday and Sunday of sun, cars and faces. Some would have rephrased it as sun, cars and babes though:P
The cars this year were superb...and having taken the circuit safari, pit walk and also the starting grid, it felt really satisfying. Took pics of the babes using my Nikon and Lumix. Yeah handed 2 cameras in one go was an experience itself. I need to brush up my photography skills a lot more...

Learnt that I must push my way through to get my pics. Standing at 5 feet and weighing barely 90 pounds, the blokes tend to push with their bodies and bigger equipment. Day 1 I got pushed..Day 2 - don't give face:P

Another lesson learnt is to make sure you choose a bus with clean glass for the circuit safari or else you end up with speckled spotted pictures:P

Let the pictures begin... from the mall area:

...comot pics from the circuit safari:
hard work but its all worth it!

....from the pit walk sessions: at the starting grid (thanx for the pass TJ):
Blur me for a moment actually thought this bloke was cleaning the wheels. Less dust can go faster:P
i may well resort to this when i have to park my car in the hot sun:D
and the race:D
my fave corner where we normally get to see the bang bangs happen.

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