Super GT Faces (mostly babes:P)

haha...yes I took pics of faces of both the babes and random people. An I am glad I went for Japanese classes. Being able to speak a lil Japanese and not make すみません sound like "lima sen" and some decent greetings secured me some decent shots of the RQ and the drivers. Most looked till I thanked them for the pics.

pals were busy texting me to take pics of the hot babes... so did I take the pics like the hot blooded blokes? Why not judge for yourself...

...Random folks
the great folks at JPM who prepared an autocross for us to play in between the races.
ice cream to keep us cool in between our runs for photos. of course we had the cool comfy corporate suite but i liked the action outside much better:P
the crowd cheering during prize giving
not sure what to call the michelin fella..."babette"?
cool dude who was really polite too:D
one of the most obliging RQ
not exactly your typically dressed babe but i think its cool!
More pics here:

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