sweet tooth

I never thought that I actually have a sweet tooth. But looking at my Facebook albums, darn I do have a sweet tooth afterall. But they were seriously tasty! Here's some of my fave ones that I will return (in fact I do return to eat again:P)Who doesn't like an ice cream in our crazy humid weather? 
Or perhaps even a good old fashion A& rootbeer with double float?

This is my fave from an Italian restaurant in town Trattoria in Jalan P Ramlee and some of my fave cakes are:

And how can I forget Krispy Kreme. Its my weekly must have breakfast these days especially Fridays after my BNI meeting because there is one smack opposite the Bankers Club:D
And good old fashion egg tarts. These days I go for the one in Jalan Imbi that sells the mini ones. I'll wait for mine and normally would order at least 12 for myself. And when they come out form the oven looking so cute and fluffy - yummy!
I'm still looking for good ice kacang. Tell me if you have found them. So far, its these 2 following ones. 
But the following cute one tasted extra good coz I made it myself at Planters Inn - Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur Tonnes of brown sugar, lots of peanuts, lots of corn and coconut milk (the only time I take coconut milk). mmmmmmmm sedap!
And sometimes I kid myself that sweet tooth is healthy with sweeties such as mango pudding with freshly cut mangoes 
or chocolate fondue
So what's the conclusion? Do I have a sweet tooth or not? 

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