Drive slow TT

Its been sometime since we took a night drive to Genting Highlands. So when Johnson suggested we have a slow drive, it was an immediate YES! Plus the weather last night was so delightfully cool and the skies were clear. Unlike the usual daytime hilly drives, this would not result in sunburn. But with such cool air, perhaps moonburn burn:P and being nicely chilled.

Many asked "Drive slow TT, sure or not?" Well...we did got slow and easy. The air was so cool and the skies were so clear, so why not drive slow and savour the mood? And really its all about driving within our 

This round, we had the company of Porsche Cayman S
Toyota MR2 
and 3 Spyders.  

My fave elements of this drive:
• Reunited with my law school classmate who coincidently also bought a Spyders recently.
• No regrets in buying the Ohlins suspension. Firm ride and almost no body roll. Totally different feel compared previous runs of this similar drive and route when we were on Sportivo and Tiens.

And my fave pic:
I know it says no parking or else your car will be towed...
however, I think its all about telling the guards nicely that you want to park there for a while. In our case, we were sitting at Starbucks having our TT. And that's pretty much smack in front of where our cars were.

And after being fed with sugar and the fresh air, Gladys my neighbour from Kluang and now nieghbour in KL went cute:D
And tradition calls, that the blokes will always be peering under each other's car. Fondling each other's car:P
In short, its been a good kick start to my weekend...

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