We took this picture of Shalom in our home after we shot our wedding anniversary pictures some time back in Covershots Studio. She was only 3 years old then and still sporting the short puppy look then. These days, you see with her long sweep the floor look:D

It makes her look like a girl but its nevertheless "hard work" of having to groom her daily. But I reckon when i look at the photos, its worth it. Shih tzus should have long hair like the following:
nice unlayered look.
looks kinda dry but nice neverthelessslightly layered...
But they all look like a lot more work on my end. And I reckon that my diva Shalom can't have all the fun she wants in jungle trekking etc. So, we'll just stick to this:
still pretty and adorable. right?
But seriously, after all she's gone through as a puppy, short hair, long hair, puppy cut, teddy bear look, I really don't care. I love her for all her traits. Even if she messes up the house daily - she gives scatter cushions the literal meaning by taking them from the couch and scattering them all over the house. Or littering the whole house with crumbs from her food, I still love her. Look at those mata kesian emo look:P

Never mind her character was never ever closed to Colburst a west highland terrier who's such a perfect gentleman. Colby passed away a year after Crackers. This was a perfect boy. Easy to handle, obedient and yes he has learnt never to pee on tyres, pillars, gates and dustbins.

Would I still love her if she is a mongrel? Of course I would. Meet Crackers. This grand dame lived till 15 and despite having epileptic fits. Thanx to the kind doctors who gave her a second chance for 4 years unlike the private ones who said "put her down"

Crackers who is petrified of crackers. Think she's more like cream crackers:D
Geri was adopted from SPCA. She came to us looking dark brown like chocolate and somehow grew to be beige in colour within her 1st year of being with us. She is not without health worries - she has fluid in her lungs and her liver is weak from the medication) but the kind folks in UPM also extended her lease of life and is still with us today at 8 years old.

Hana is a walk in customer to my in law's home.
this is Hana's definition of fun - biting at water!
Mini left us barely a year we adopted her from the Setapak pound at the helm when the expose on TV3 came about that the pound people were drowning cats and breaking the necks of the stray dogs. She contracted Parvo. Again we never gave up. Malaysian Dogs Deserved Better (MDDB) helped us all the way and encouraged and supported us to ensure she had the bext while she stayed with us. She went on with Inmune Boosters and lived like any other dogs until she passed away. This young lady was a fighter as much as we were. She would try to stand and walk as much even though her body was failing her. But I am glad we did not leave her in the pound. We gave her all the love she wanted.

Pedigree or otherwise, love the kids. They love us unconditionally and so should we!

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