What is LuxOnU? Its a site dedicated to luxury bags and accessories. And for us Malaysian, its a dream come true. A dream come true to shopaholics and bagaholics like me.

Why? For starters, we're looking at models not found in Malaysia. So basically you get your own unique piece without having to travel. And the big plus - its cheaper than buying it from the boutiques.

Original? YES YES YES!

This evening, I attended their special preview and was utterly vowed. We were treated to the previews before they open next week:
Saturday 28th August 2010 from 12 to 2pm
@ 23-2 Jalan Kenari 12, Puchong.

And during the session, we heard about tips to care for our bags. Among some that I will be doing tomorrow morning:
• To use Baby Johnson white lotion to clean off stains from our white leather bags! Just lightly dab some on your facial cotton and quickly wipe over the stain.
• I love patent leather. The sad thing is, they seem to discolour. My white have turned yellowish. My blue one looks a lil brownish. And that not because its dirty. But merely, patent leather tent to absorb colours from its neighbouring bags. So its advisory we keep them in suitable dust bags and not stashed with other coloured bags.
• Hate the fact that our bags sometimes look wrinkled when we want to use them? Simple tip - just stuff some papers or balloons (we saw balloons in a 6 year old LV bag). That will keep them nicely in shape and crease free.
• And in overcoming molds from your bags, always air the closet where your bags are kept in. And a good tip is to put a pack of silica (the ones you get when you purchase shoes) into each bag.

Among the lovely bags available:
And this is the Longchamp that I have eyed and will be there on Saturday to buy it:
This preview has been utterly fun! Not just beautiful bags and accessories, we were treated to yummy cakes from Sweet Indulgence. Cakes are home made fresh and are available at LuxOnU.
And also had wine appreciation courtesy of Evergrapes.'s some shots of the girls having fun.
I love this really goofy pic of April Yim and Rebecca Saw.

And if you want to grab your bag:
Saturday 28th August 2010 from 12 to 2pm
@ 23-2 Jalan Kenari 12, Puchong.

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