Search for Shalom's new stroller

We bought a stroller for Shalom as we live in an apartment. Well Shalom is "illegal" as far as the local municipal folks are concerned. So whenever we bring her out, we'll use a stroller for the diva.

Of course the stroller comes out real useful since she weighs almost 8kg (I think its the fur:P). Rather than break our arms carrying her, its convenient to push her around. Here's a happy Shalom in her stroller and her happy daddy who conveniently put his newspapers on her stroller. And I normally hang her backpack filled with her drinking bottle, toy, plastic bags, hankies & treats on the stroller too:PShalom has been performing stunts on her stroller whenever we use any other cars than the Spyder. In a way it's our fault because we shd fold the carrier box the same way we do it when we're using the Spyder (a cabriolet with very minimal space to keep the car under 1tonne). So in her joy and excitement, Shalom will jump onto the top of her carrier box and has thus broken the farme a few times. Needless to say she has also bulldozed her way into and out of the carrier box before its being unzipped. All rescue works by her daddy has surpassed its lifespan. So now we have to look for a new one that fits into the MRS.
Dimensions of the carrier box are:
Height 16"
Width 13"
Depth 18"
Again its really important that this foldable. This one has zips all over and can unzip to almost 2" thick so it fits snugly behind my seat.

Dimensions of the wheeler is:
49" and must be collapsible as shown in the photos.

Safety features such as the brakes are great especially when we're on teh escalator or when we park her stroller with her inside while we run our errants etc.
So the question is where to get a replacement that fits our requirements? Can find this model or similar ones anymore. Any others can't fit into the Spyder:-(

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