Sounds like a mouthful? ShootUrTweeple is the brain child of brainchild of inrsoul whereby folks get together and roam a specific route to shoot pics and of course have fun along the way. Seriously if you like to shoot, this is a super fun event and great workout on the legs walking, hands shooting and mouth chatting. Of course it gets even funner when you gather a bunch of folks who salivate at the food that we come across.

It doesn't matter whether you own a DSLR, compact, mobile phone, just come and shoot what deems interesting to you:D

I attended the 1st one on July 24th 2010. Although only 4 of us (all Twitter mates - Aprilyim, CharlieChia, Yogaretnam and yours truly Missyblurkit) turned up, it was huge fun. I used my Nikon D50 - my old trusty camera that has since been retired from work, my battered Lumix LX3 & my old fashion N82. We started off from Menara Maybank and meant to walk quite a journey. Alas we stopped a wee too long (again what is long since we all had so much to look, see, smell, eat, talk and shoot?) Here's some pics from the 1st ever ShootUrTweepleKl gathering.
The letter "S" is 3 actions. • Stand • Sleep • Sit . This was beside the busy Pudu roundabout. I would have to say it's a rather nice shady area but I can't say how comfy it is lying down there to sleep.
That's April playing around at this shop that we chanced upon selling cheap costumes and party must haves. The feet (I assume for horror parties or Halloween) looks darn real!
This is Yoga - caught him in action while I was trying to take a pic of Sin Sze Si Temple that we went into. Its an old temple stuck between a row of shop lots and Hong Leong Bank.
Another cute shot of April modelling for me.
A sleeping uncle at about 1pm by the roadside amidst the whole hustle and bustle of Jalan Sultan.
A strange sight of the child squatting to eat outside the shop and in the middle of a 5 foot way. Even the cobbler uncle is starring at her.
Here's Charlie being king for the day.
And April dons something that turned her into some beady eyed lady. Beady white eyed lady.
And I discovered that Paris is here somewhere along Jalan Sultan beside Rex theatre!
One of my fave pics and yes I agree we should abolish ISA.
Here's a liquor shop that has people drinking in it from early morning. Chinese, Indian, Mat Salleh - you name it, they'll be there.
Fancy making your own dentures? Grab your materials from this shop:P
And I read that this blue magical staircase brings you to a wizard who can remove your moles, warts, tattoos and what nots that you don't like on your skin. If you have visited this place, drop me a line and let me know how it went. I am tempted to walk up. Nothing to remove but just to look see.
I also discovered this shop opposite Popular bookshop that is a dream come true for anime lovers!
And we saw this! Yes this Brembo was on A GTR35. It was a well worth it walk since I also laid my eyes on some good looking cars. Hang on, I retract my words, the GTR35 is a handsome car or a beautiful babe as some will call it BUT not when its in some green cendol colour!
Fridge magnets for the tourist. This one is sold by mat salleh!
This lorry is busy unloading (or loading) at Jalan Tun HS Lee beside the Sze Sin Si temple. It does look lopsided and was busy fuming the area with its exhaust.
I love the vibrant colours in temples.
And the cute creatures that guard the entrance. The large round eyes, does remind me of my Shalom
Some beautiful lotus flowers for sale outside the temple.
I can't remember which temple did I shoot this oil lamp but there is so many oil lamps around for one to practice shooting the flickering lights.
I took this with my hand and camera inside the furnace where paper offerings are burnt in temples. Tried taking from the door of the furnace but all the zooming on my Lumix LX3 just didn't seem right or at least the way I liked it to be.
One of my favourite shots of April lighting up the incense sticks.Incense - its amazing that when burnt they become soft fine ashes.
Grilled meat or "long yok" or some call it bak kua. Yummy sweet slice meat with lots of marinades. I salivated big time when we walked pass the shops selling this. The smell of the meats being grilled is superrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Its nearing mooncake festival. And this is piggy biscuit or "kong chai peng" which is basically mooncakes for kids minus the fillings. I bought 2 to entertain my tastebuds. Granny used to make these for us when I was younger and kept them for us to eat during our school holiday visits to Penang.
Different coloured and flavoured "tau sar peah" i.e. biscuits with mung bean fillings.
Another favourite shot of this abang selling colourful drinks. On hot days, these coloured and flavoured drinks are quite a welcome.
More colours from these little cute animals. Not sure what they taste like though. perhaps I shall buy them one day to satisfy my curiosity.
A must have when visiting Petaling Street is the famous longan drink. Cold or hot its sweet and fragrant. I missed the days when they served it in metal bowls.This is some bubble drink from a shop called Happy Meal. Yes happy after being sugar high from the super sweet drinks that they serve. I opted for mango that was yummy and refreshingly sweet:P
The smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air in Petaling Street - Cecil Street area. I snapped some shot and a very obliging seller asked me to try some. probably thought I was some visiting tourist:P
Dumplings...yummy yummy dumplings wrapped in lotus leaf. Made with glutinous rice and a host of other ingredients, this is such a must have also in Petaling Street.

Lovely colours from the fruits stall(s). I was so tempted to buy buy buy since we do eat a fair bit of fruits at home. But I bore in mind April's wise words "travel light".

There's lots more that I shot, saw, smelled and ate. Experience one yourself. Gather a few folks and have a walk somewhere. You never know what you'll chanced upon. And if you're in KL, lookout for the next one coming soon...

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