practice sessions

OK. I Seriously need to build up the stamina needed for the 5km run. Yeah 5km only right? But it sure is a big 5 considering the fact I have not been running for ages.

And thanx to Chin Aun, Jo, Gladys, Yoga, Charlie & Lilian for being such good patient company. These were the lovely folks that I have spent time with to train, walk, run and jog:D

It was good that Nike organised training sessions at TTDI and also Pavilion. Proper tips on running and even basics such as warming up & stretching are given. And of course, we get to try the new Nike LunarGlide+2.

The Nike LunarGlide+2. is so darn comfy that on my session I had to NOT wear it least I would fall too in love and end up buying another pair of trainers:P But looking at how it occupies my mind when I run with my current Nike Pegasus+ ...I may well be buying it quite soon. Ah the darn shopaholic in me:-(

At the first Nike session, Jamie Pang shared on the importance stretching. And yes stretching. It made lots of difference when I did proper warm up and proper stretching. In stretching, we must hold long enough and in general that is a count of 20. Of course you do not stretch till you have warmed up with some light jogging or walking.
And the importance of stretching to disperse the buildup of lactic acid. My initial sessions in KL Streets , Gasing Hill and TTDi left me sore. So sore I had problem walking down staircase and getting out of cars. But I elarnt that lil stretchings over the day helped. So now, I incorporate lil stretches over the day.

Its been fun training (and this has been another of the rare occassions that I actually wake up early:P) I found that running in the park is generally boring for me. I like running on the street in town which Nike organised for the participants. Running in KLCC and the parks where I stay bores me to tears.

I did however enjoy Gasing Hill and to an extent even TTDI. But running in the housing area where I stay is still the "funnest". I've been running with Gladys in the mornings. So while we're at it, I been checking out the neighbourhood cats, dogs and cars. And I've also discovered how hilly and steep the roads are in our neighbourhood:P

Confession: my weekend sessions has been food laden:P Literally its almost like dangling a carrot so that we run. Thus far, we've done Meng Kee char siew, Kin Kin pan mee, Yut Kee, Pao Xiang BKT and more. Will blog about this:D Meanwhile....some pics from my sessions.

All about cakes and cuppies with Mamamin

Cakes! Mamamin comes to mind. Not your conventional cakes. But cakes that taste as good as they look. For every special occasion of your life, Mamamin is a must:D

I chanced with Min when Nat suggested getting Min to bake for Shalom and Cleo's birthday. That sounded like a good idea. But Min never baked for furkids and I wasn't keen to resort to conventional cakes with lots of sugar and flour.

We communicated our concerns and Min rose to the occasion. She did her research and arrived and lamb carrot cake. And the decoration wasn't cream or sugar. She used potatoes:D Healthy and wholesome. Yummy too. My picky furkid Shalom loved it to bits:D

I joined a networking group Business Network International (BNI). I wanted to share with my business partners something special on a Chinese New Year that coincided with Valentine's Day. Told Min that and this is what she arrived at:

Lovely isn't it? The gold coins, lotus and koi to signify Chinese New Year. Very auspicious indeed for us business people. And the lovely heart shapes to signify Valentine's Day. Absolutely yummy with orange poppy.

And, this lovely creation went on to be featured on Martha Stewart Cutest Cupcake 2008. I kid you not.

As it went on, I realised that Min is indeed a superb crafts person. She makes things look so pretty. Yet no compromise on taste. Check the rest that Min has created for my special occasions. In particular I love the one she made for Dennis and my wedding anniversary. She took into consideration everything that was "us". And she's done a superb rendition of Shalom and our Spyder. Lovely isn't it.

So for a cake of your own or even cuppies, visit Contact Min at And for hen and bachelor nights, do check out the naughty cake sessions.
Min also offers classes:D which I would love to attend one of these days. Let's just see how good these butter fingers of mind fare in making cuppies or decorating them::P

THANX Min! You've brought many happy smiles and memories with your lovely creations:D

Nike 10 10 10

Hehehe...I am back at it. Gonna attempt the Nike 5km run. Yes only the 5 km after years of being a white lazy elephant. I'm doing both the virtual and actual street run with a bunch of pals Gladys, Lilian, Jo, Charlie Chia and hopefully Jaclyn and Eric .

Strangely, I am the participant. But dad and hubby are more excited than I am. I am nevertheless excited and am planning my workout and diet (diet as per Dad's advise when Dad used to coach me for my runs during school days).

So far I've done Gasing Hill on Saturday wit the good and encouraging company of Charlie and Yogaretnam both of whom are seasoned participants. And today we did Bukit Kiara. I have to apologise to these 2 bros and also sista Jo for my ability to walk for now. But I will be running by the next Saturday:D I promise.

And for tomorrow, I'll be hitting the pool. Not that I can swim but I have my buoy from my artery clogging makan trip from Pulau Ketam. So I could always attempt some "swim" in the pool. Or if I can wake up on time, to hit the gym.

As for food, ever since I started working out, I have been craving carbo. So yes I have been eating a lil more carbo than usual. Its something new since I have never been a carbo lover. And Dad is so excited, he's calling to ensure I am eating right and training right. Well eating right...I am. Training right... I supposed I did better when Dad and coach were training me in high school in the mornings and evenings.

But I will strive to complete the race. I have pals who are pledging moolah for every km that I complete for Hope Malaysia and MDDB. It might not be much but its a little to go towards the rescues that MDDB has been doing. And the Hope KL's efforts in assisting the children and orphans.

So wish me luck folks:D I'll putting up pledge details over the week.

Meanwhile, I'm going to finish my Guinness while watching Manchester United vs Liverpool and head home to sleep.

And if you're keen to join, get yourself registered for RM50. Rules are also posted online:D

Jewel: Hole in my heart

I caught this on TV recently of Jewel singing it in the Emmys. It touched my heart simply because I am dealing with 2 dear aunties who are battling with cancer (they are good fighters) As much as it is painful to them, even ourselves as caregivers sometimes feel the strain in ourselves. The frustrations. And seriouslya s a caregiver, it can be tiring and demoralising when the conditions take a step back.

I have also lost a cousin to leukemia. She passed away within months of being diagnosed when she was in her teens. The void is there but she's certainly remembered.

Tangkak Beef Noodles

I went on a beef noodle back back frenzy. And went back to Tangkak Beef Noodles along Jalan Imbi again and again:D

Its halal. And the taste is simply superb. Beefy stock and the meat and parts cooked just right. A little salted vegetable (ham choy / kiam chai) is sprinkled on the top to enhance the whole dish.
The first time I had in meehoon. Then I also tried in ramen and wow, the ramen is eggy and nice. It certainly did go well with the beef stock. And on my third round, I had laifun (normally we have this in laksa) and surprisingly, the silky noodles went on well with the flavourful soup! My mouth waters even as I post this and I might well drop in for dinner shortly:P
A tip here is to add a little vinegar into the soup to enhance the taste. Advise is to add quarter soup spoon and build up to your preference.

Tangkak Beef Noodles is also unique as they serve 2 types of chilly sauce. One is your conventional chicken rice sauce and the other is a spicy tangy. I like the spicy tangy and would dip my noodles, the balls and also the noodles into it.
The meat balls are nice but is not the best. Still its good enough:D Perhaps its ot consistent here. Somedays it taste a lil soft like home made one. Some days its nice and firm. But at all times its still roburst in flavour as good meatballs should be.
And if you're greedy (like me) and wouldn't mind the stomach etc, then order then "everything" and mind you this comes only in one size i.e. large. But its so good, even if you're a small eater like a pal of ours, he ordered to tapau home for his supper:P

Its rather easy to find this place. 133 Jalan Imbi. Almost pposite Overseas restaurant and it will be on your left hand side. Oh! Its also the same row as Dominoes Pizza and 7-11
PS: This place has thus moved to:
No. 287, Jalan Mahkota,
Taman Maluri,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
M: +6017 336 8805

PS2: They also have a promotion running. Check it out at

Ally & Fatty 5th birthday bash

Yesterday we celebrated Ally and Fatty's birthday at La Castle. Their daddy Eric and mummy Jaclyn had the girls all dressed up prettily.

Amongst the friends who came along were Beemer, Hershey, Lucky and Shalom. Shalom was absolutely delighted when we arrived home early to pick her up for this birthday gathering. And was equally excited and delighted when we arrived at La Castle.

The birthday girls soon arrived after us. And the usual meet and greet - sniff my bummy and yours - started. We placed them in the play pen for the meet and greet session. When all were ready, we proceeded to sit outside with the furkids to have dinner.

And what is a furkids birthday bash without cakes and party packs. The host Eric and Jaclyn arranged for these lovely cupcakes and party packs:D

The kids really had fun eating the cuppies. And when eating and playing is all in order, it was time to head home for the much needed rest. Shalom was all so sleepy at about 1030:P