Ally & Fatty 5th birthday bash

Yesterday we celebrated Ally and Fatty's birthday at La Castle. Their daddy Eric and mummy Jaclyn had the girls all dressed up prettily.

Amongst the friends who came along were Beemer, Hershey, Lucky and Shalom. Shalom was absolutely delighted when we arrived home early to pick her up for this birthday gathering. And was equally excited and delighted when we arrived at La Castle.

The birthday girls soon arrived after us. And the usual meet and greet - sniff my bummy and yours - started. We placed them in the play pen for the meet and greet session. When all were ready, we proceeded to sit outside with the furkids to have dinner.

And what is a furkids birthday bash without cakes and party packs. The host Eric and Jaclyn arranged for these lovely cupcakes and party packs:D

The kids really had fun eating the cuppies. And when eating and playing is all in order, it was time to head home for the much needed rest. Shalom was all so sleepy at about 1030:P


  1. Aaaawww....the furkids are so darn adorable!

  2. this is, frankly, the first i heard of a doggie birthday party. kewl... :) so cute too

  3. hehehe... We do it all quite often actually:D keep you posted on another one soon for Shalom who turns 7.