Nike 10 10 10

Hehehe...I am back at it. Gonna attempt the Nike 5km run. Yes only the 5 km after years of being a white lazy elephant. I'm doing both the virtual and actual street run with a bunch of pals Gladys, Lilian, Jo, Charlie Chia and hopefully Jaclyn and Eric .

Strangely, I am the participant. But dad and hubby are more excited than I am. I am nevertheless excited and am planning my workout and diet (diet as per Dad's advise when Dad used to coach me for my runs during school days).

So far I've done Gasing Hill on Saturday wit the good and encouraging company of Charlie and Yogaretnam both of whom are seasoned participants. And today we did Bukit Kiara. I have to apologise to these 2 bros and also sista Jo for my ability to walk for now. But I will be running by the next Saturday:D I promise.

And for tomorrow, I'll be hitting the pool. Not that I can swim but I have my buoy from my artery clogging makan trip from Pulau Ketam. So I could always attempt some "swim" in the pool. Or if I can wake up on time, to hit the gym.

As for food, ever since I started working out, I have been craving carbo. So yes I have been eating a lil more carbo than usual. Its something new since I have never been a carbo lover. And Dad is so excited, he's calling to ensure I am eating right and training right. Well eating right...I am. Training right... I supposed I did better when Dad and coach were training me in high school in the mornings and evenings.

But I will strive to complete the race. I have pals who are pledging moolah for every km that I complete for Hope Malaysia and MDDB. It might not be much but its a little to go towards the rescues that MDDB has been doing. And the Hope KL's efforts in assisting the children and orphans.

So wish me luck folks:D I'll putting up pledge details over the week.

Meanwhile, I'm going to finish my Guinness while watching Manchester United vs Liverpool and head home to sleep.

And if you're keen to join, get yourself registered for RM50. Rules are also posted online:D


  1. This is really a good move for you start on. I will give you encouragement as well to assist you to run further. U will love running once you are addicted to it.It happen to me...I will run the virtual as well

  2. thanx malcom:D used to run mid distance in school and to a certain extent in college. when i started working, kaki became malas.

  3. WE CAN DO IT!!!! My first training today... logged 1.8km running + 0.5km walking :D