practice sessions

OK. I Seriously need to build up the stamina needed for the 5km run. Yeah 5km only right? But it sure is a big 5 considering the fact I have not been running for ages.

And thanx to Chin Aun, Jo, Gladys, Yoga, Charlie & Lilian for being such good patient company. These were the lovely folks that I have spent time with to train, walk, run and jog:D

It was good that Nike organised training sessions at TTDI and also Pavilion. Proper tips on running and even basics such as warming up & stretching are given. And of course, we get to try the new Nike LunarGlide+2.

The Nike LunarGlide+2. is so darn comfy that on my session I had to NOT wear it least I would fall too in love and end up buying another pair of trainers:P But looking at how it occupies my mind when I run with my current Nike Pegasus+ ...I may well be buying it quite soon. Ah the darn shopaholic in me:-(

At the first Nike session, Jamie Pang shared on the importance stretching. And yes stretching. It made lots of difference when I did proper warm up and proper stretching. In stretching, we must hold long enough and in general that is a count of 20. Of course you do not stretch till you have warmed up with some light jogging or walking.
And the importance of stretching to disperse the buildup of lactic acid. My initial sessions in KL Streets , Gasing Hill and TTDi left me sore. So sore I had problem walking down staircase and getting out of cars. But I elarnt that lil stretchings over the day helped. So now, I incorporate lil stretches over the day.

Its been fun training (and this has been another of the rare occassions that I actually wake up early:P) I found that running in the park is generally boring for me. I like running on the street in town which Nike organised for the participants. Running in KLCC and the parks where I stay bores me to tears.

I did however enjoy Gasing Hill and to an extent even TTDI. But running in the housing area where I stay is still the "funnest". I've been running with Gladys in the mornings. So while we're at it, I been checking out the neighbourhood cats, dogs and cars. And I've also discovered how hilly and steep the roads are in our neighbourhood:P

Confession: my weekend sessions has been food laden:P Literally its almost like dangling a carrot so that we run. Thus far, we've done Meng Kee char siew, Kin Kin pan mee, Yut Kee, Pao Xiang BKT and more. Will blog about this:D Meanwhile....some pics from my sessions.


  1. one more week to go. one more week!

  2. hahahahahaha...... one more week yeah Jo... then after that? Operasi makan-makan tiap-tiap hari? Lols....

    Evie, totally agreed with u. I kinda got hooked up with our morning neighbourhood walk/run after that 3 morning. Especially love the one with the drizzle. Lols...

  3. i thought operasi makan starts tomorrow after our run? remember we're supposed to bring money for tomorrow's run:P