Sweet Potato Crisp / Chewies for furkids

This is another treat that we make for Shalom. Crisp or chewies coz the recipe allows for both.

But when making it as a crisp, I realise that its not a good treat when we go out. Simply coz its dry plus because it is crispy, it breaks into pieces:P Shalom prefers moist treats during her outing. The chewy version is OK anytime anywhere.

Ingredient is just sweet potatoes and nothing else.

Peel off the skin. Then slice it into 2-3mm for chewy versions. Or use a peeler for the crispy ones. lay them on the pan. Bake for 10-20 minutes for the crispy ones. Bake 30-45 minutes for the chewy ones. Temperature is 150C. Again this depends on your oven:D

You can use the 2-3mm ones to make the crispy ones. But I rather just cut the baking time and use the thinner ones for the crispy version.

Honestly, this is quite yummy, so I actually nibble on the crispy ones when I am making this. Healthy wholesome snacks for humans too. And they make great pressies for birthdays too:D

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