Shalom turns 7!

OMG but my lil girl Shalom is all grown up and turned 7 over the weekend. 7 years old and I still call her a lil gal. That I supposed has everything to do with her manjaness, her running and jumping around the house every day!

Her current nick divashalom pretty much came about when I set up her twitter account. Shalom was not available so I thought why not divashalom since this Royal Highness demands to sit nothing but on chairs at home and parties. And when we're put in the park or beach, its the mat or only soft sand. No pricky grass for this diva!

This time around, I thought why not bake everything from scratch on my own for my kiddo. After all I have been baking 90% of her treats. So its a good time to share some wholesome almost organic goodness with her pals from her obedience classes, jungle trekking, beach bumming, makan & twitter kakis. Baking all those cookies and cakes wasn't easy amidst a busy period at my boutique sized ad agency. But I have no regrets doing so. It was therapeutic and mostly so when I saw the happy faces of the furkids when they ate.

We had tonnes of fun on that fine Sunday morning at One Utama Central Park. THANX to all who braved the rain and also did the sun dance. We had an amazing dry ground and mildly sunny weather when it was pretty much raining everywhere else! The furslaves (us) brought our own picnic nad yoga mats and settled down under the tress and enjoyed our breakfast. The birthday picnic was BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) and BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast)! Many thanx for the lovely mini potluck to pals who also brought some yummy goodness. Edleen & Adam brought lovely nasi lemak bungkus. Jo made us chicken avocado sandwiches. Gladys who had to miss the picnic baked us lovely chocolate chip banana cake! Visit her website for the recipe!

This momma here basically packed the picnic for the kids. I reckon the kids will not complain on bad food:P

Oh oh oh...this was not a picnic for those with furkids only. We had pals like Wijay who swung by even though he does not have a furkid. Yeah wijay has always been a big part of Shalom's picnics and parties. And I must thank Wijay coz he actually went searching for candles at 8am on that Sunday morning coz this momma forgot the candles for her baby. THANX bro. *muaks muaks muaks*

Heres some pics for her 7th birthday do. Didn't take much pictures as I was busy being mummy to her 7 year old diva:P And also special thanx to Andrew, Cai Lin, Mae V and Rocky for the use of some pictures taken by them that I have used here too!

Visit the following blogs for more pics:D

Takers: my 2 cents (No spoilerslah)

THANX to Sirens Media and Sony Pictures for the tickets that I won. The preview session was on Monday and what a wonderful way to kickstart the week! It was fun (and I wished I wished harder for the Sony W Series MP3 player that was given away during the lucky draw to be mine...hehehe)

Savvy Lazy Salad Dinners:D

I love salads and can never have enough of them. They are juicy, crunchy, cold and can have an assorted of flavours in them.

Plus they are easy to make after work:D

Grilled Masala Chicken Salad:
• Masala spice
• 2 chicken whole legs
• Green salad of your choice (no hard and fast rule)
• Lemon

Marinate chicken for 20 minutes or pre marinate. I normally pre marinate chciken and keep them in the freezer for my weekday quickie home dinners.

Grill or bake (your choice) for15-20 minutes at 180C. You know its done when you poke it and the juices come out clear.

Serve over a bed of salad. Squeeze lemon over chicken and salad before serving. This taste good with yoghurt on the side too.
Grilled Teriyaki Tofu Tuna Salad
• Tofu (use the ones with the harder skin)
• 1 can tuna
• 4 baby corn
• 12 cherry tomatoes
• 2 tablespoon Sunflower seed or pine nuts
• Lettuce (Any lettuce will do. I normally use different ones for a variety of flavour)
• Black pepper to taste
• 1 tablespoon Marmite
• A pinch of sugar (optional)

Slice tofu into 6 pcs. Mix Marmite with 1 tablespoon of water. Add in a pinch of sugar if you like it a little sweet like teriyaki sauces. Rub Marmite over cherry tomatoes, baby corn and tofu.

Grill in oven at 160C for 10 - 15 minutes or pan fry if you like.

Julienne the lettuce.

Drain tuna of oil or water. Mix with black pepper. You may mix the sunflower seeds or pinenuts here or mix them with the julienned lettuce.

Spread lettuce in plate. Place tuna over the greens. I normally place the tuna in a ring. Then place the tofu, cherry tomatoes and baby corn inside the circle.
Crispy Crunchy Salad
This is fully vegetarian and for my super lazy days.
• Different lettuce
• Cherry tomatoes
• Watermelon and grapes
• 2 table spoon sunflower seed or any seed
• Cashew nuts
• Mango yoghurt (any flavour you like)

Julienne the lettuce if you like. Mix 1 tablespoon of the seeds with the lettuce. Spread them at the base of the place.

Then put the cherry tomatoes, watermelon, grapes and cashew nuts. Put the yoghurt on the side for dip or in the middle and sprinkle the rest of the seeds over the salad. This is a very refreshing and fulfilling vegetarian salad. The nuts and seeds add more kick to it. Plus it adds flavour.

PS: Green apples are very versatile for any of the above dishes.

Polly Pumpkin

I've been baking non stop since last Sunday for Shalom's birthday picnic. Reason I've been baking is that I really would like Shalom and her friends to have some home made wholesome goodness minus the preservatives, colouring & flavouring. And of course since I'm making them myself, I've also been using organic as much as I can.

Well after last night I think I want to bake something that Shalom has not tasted before. So far for the birthday party pack (all of which are her regular treats at home), we've made:
• Flea Busters
• Peanut Butter Banana Squares
• Salmon Bombs
• Italian Sweethearts
* I say "we" cause hubby helps out. Not in the kitchen but I can count to ferry me around to pick up the ingredients needed from all over town:D

So I've decided to come out with something new based on my previous ingredients and experience of baking over 6 years for my diva. And I shall call this Polly Pumpkin. Why Polly? I don't know. It just came into my mind:P

• 150g Oats
• 150g pumpkin
• 150ml yoghurt
• 1 egg
• cold water (use as needed to create a slightly sticky consistency)
• 3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
• Dash of Italian herbs or cinnamon or garlic (whichever tickles your fancy)

Mix all ingredients together until you get a sticky mix. Add or use less water as needed to get the consistency.

Then grease your baking pan lightly. Place the balls on it and pressed it with a fork or spoon. I like to use forks because i can make patterns with it:D

Bake at 160C for 20-25 minutes until light brown (monitor this closely as different ovens behave differently)
The results will be a slightly chewy cookie because of the oats. If you like the crunchier, just leave them in the oven another 15-30 minutes when you're done baking. I normally make 2 pans so Shalom gets both chewy and crunchy ones.

Dogs love the natural sweetness of pumpkin and its filled with vitamins & minerals.

And if you like to adapt the above for humans, well you can add cinnamon and use sugar to taste. Adding some sunflower seeds into it gives it an added crunch and oomph!

Takers: I am a smooth talker?

Its one of those days that I wake up feeling like I am on some kind of sugar rush. Running around my neighbourhood didn't work this time. So I've decided something new to entertain myself till my appointments for the day starts---> Take part in a contest:D

And so I discovered there's a brand new contest in the market. Thanx Eric for notifying. And just for the heck of it, I've decided to take part. Sirens and Sony Pictures have a simple contest with a fun quiz. I love quizes:D.

So what did the test reveal me as? Smooth talker. Now that has me rather surprised. Me a smooth talker? I'm not shy but neither am I a smooth talker. I do get stuck in the 1st gear of conversation many times contrary to what people think that I can chatter on any topic:P LOL. 
I can well imagine the smooth talker being the best distraction any company or gang can have to divert attention. And I reckon that it will be quite fun to watch the expressions of the smooth talker. And yes the choice of powerful, emotional words that he can utter depending on the scenario. And since there is a smooth talker - TI Harris as Ghost in Takers, this is yet another good movie that I'll enjoy - character analysis:D

But it has been fun taking the test. Rather interesting questions beyond your regular character test. So go take it.

But really, my favourite character has to be Jack Welles played by Matt Dillion. OK Ok OK, I admit it, I do have  a soft spot for this bloke having seen him play varied characters from The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Wild Things, To Die For and Crash (he was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor). And how could one forget his role in "There's something about Mary which he acted opposite Cameron Diaz. 

But on a serious note, I've always like detectives:D Seeing how they put themselves in the shoes of victims and criminals when they try to solve cases. In reality am I like that? Perhaps a little:P 

In Takers, Matt Dillon plays Jack Welles an old school, tough no nonsence, workaholic detective. This naturally explains Welles' determination to track the bank robbers down.  

So what is Takers all about? Not just your regular bank robbery botched by a hardworking determined detective. Watch as the characters unfold when the robbery in question is a once in a lifetime US20 million heist. A lil romance. A lil of personal issues. The intense characters are acted by: 
 • Matt Dillon
Paul Walker
Idris Elba
T.I. as Ghost, the smooth talker.
Jay Hernandez
Michael Ealy
Chris Brown
Hayden Christensen
this is a must watch.  Don't believe, watch the trailer.

And yes, check out the MTV by TI. It gives you an idea on the movie too. I am so going to get this sound track for my running play list:D

Now, contest details, in case you're keen to take part too:
(3) And then blog about your favourite Takers character.
(4) Email your published post (link:P) to . Closing date 21st of October 2010.
!!! Remember to credit Sirens Media and Sony Pictures at the bottom of your post

The 3 most creative blog entries will receive a Taker's goodie bags to bring home. 
And the one prize I am so happy to see being offered is 2 units of the Sony Walkman W Series (NWZ-W252/W) MP3 Player to give away as lucky draw prizes. Now I have to start feeling lucky...I want that lucky draw prize:D

The above mentioned contest is brought to you by Sirens Media and Sony Pictures!!!

Animal cruelty: STOP IT!!!

Its crazy! Its insane! What were these people thinking when they did what they did? Its inhumane and how could a human even do it? To inflict such pain is just not human. These are inhumane idiots.

Do visit Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) to know more of their efforts with rescues. And please support them in anyway you can. Its much appreciated:)

I've taken the following from:

We were troubled to see the picture of two morons with a hanged puppy. But we are not surprised. Last week someone we know asked us for help. Apparently a puppy hanging from a rope was tied outside his friend's pet shop. Luckily, the puppy survived. We told them to allow the puppy to get over its ordeal before being vaccinated and handed over to us. Then about three weeks ago one of our adopters stumbled upon a dog lying by the side of Kesas Highway. The dog was dehydrated and suffered some internal injuries. The owner of a nearby workshop told the lady the dog had been knocked down at about 8.00am and it was almost 2.00pm when she saw the poor dog. No one, including the workshop owner, had even bothered to call for help. The lady rushed the dog to us and we admitted him to veterinary clinic. He died the same night. Then there is Jerry - he was crawling behind some houses in Taman Andalas, Klang. It is believed someone had hit him with a stick and injured his back - making him unable to walk. We admitted him to a veterinary clinic and he is still there and will be coming to our half-way-home soon. He still can't walk. Then there was the Terrier cross that was mowed down near PJ Hilton. No one bothered to help until a friend's sister and her husband spotted the dog. We rushed her to a veterinary hospital and she survived for over two weeks but died all of a sudden. She was wearing a collar - how did she get there? The vet says she had extensive internal injuries. The worst case is the puppy we rescued in Kapar. Someone living in the area had witnessed the puppy being kicked - he called us - we went to the scene immediately and rushed the puppy to a veterinary hospital. The puppy never regained consciousness and died a week later. How can you expect animals to be treated well by lay people when government bodies such as local councils condone and practice cruelty towards dogs?

Puppy being taken to hospital and at the veterinary hospital. Puppy was in come and never regained consciousness:-(

Dog ran down in front of PJ Hilton. Dies 2 weeks later suddenly.

Jerry was beaten up in Klang. His back is hurt and he still can't walk. He will be going of to MDDB's half way home soon.
These boys are crazy? Its not animal cruelty. But I am not surprised if they turn out to be crazy serial killers. Do you know them? They must be caught and due punishment meted out.

Usher _ OMG

I absolutely adored this song the first time I heard it, Needless to say its on my playlist during my morning runs and the recent Nike city 10K run:D

And this I think was one the song that JJ Hitz Fm had the crowd going OMG during the waiting time for the Nike 10 10 10 run.

Nike 10 10 10 - I did it:D

Completed my 5km of the Nike City 10k run:D I am really pleased with myself. Not merely coz I completed the run but more so, I ran from the start till the end without stopping. OK...I did stop to walk at the starting point when traffic was heavy and stopped to drink. There was no way I was able to drink while running. Either I was splattering water all over my face or drinking through my nose.

Running with 10,000 people is not an easy feat. Not when you have people holding hands to run (not kidding this paktology couple), folks who walk on the right side of the road or folks who do a immediate stop in the middle of nowhere to tie their shoe laces! It was literally OMG!!!

OMG by Usher. I love that song to bits and was really happy when JJ from Hitz FM played that while we were all in line warming up and waiting to start. The mood was superb. The music and the folks in the morning was just stunning. And of course when the lights when was another OMG!!! We were all almost glowing in our Nike tees as you can see from this pic that I borrowed from JJ's blog.
Run started at 715. And apparently my time as clocked by the red bib (I find it canggih like the beacon that we use on our cars during our track sessions) stuck on my shoe is 37.02. I know I should be able to do better. Lessons learnt which I supposed could help to improve time for my future runs:
• do not weave in and out to avoid the crowd. But then, what am I supposed to do?
• stand on the front line and hopefully I am fast enough to pull away from the main crowd (this one I seriously need to rethink on how feasible especially when I am only 5 feet tall). Not sure how large can my strides go...short person...short get my drift?
Any other suggestions?
I have to confess that while running, the right ankle was trying to protest at KM3. But the deal I had with myself was to run unless I cramped. So off I went on running or you can call it jogging all the way. Another factor that kept me going was "I hate to be smoked".

Yes I hate to be overtaken so I kept running and told myself to be consistent because when the other person slows down, my consistent speed should mean that I can smoke the person back. What is "smoke the person"? Its similar to "bite the dust". So did I get smoked? Yes I was smoked by the much faster (obviouslylah) and perhaps younger runners. I kept my promise to myself and smoked some who smoked me along the way. No hard feelings to anyone but that's the rascal in me that doesn't like to be left behind.

After the run, we were rewarded with water and bananas. Not kidding water and bananas! We were each also given a figurine. Mine was Jay. I think I chose him because he was wearing orange. Not sure what's my fondness for orange colour these days.
And I realised, looking for your pals in the sea of yellow people is not the easiest thing to do. Everyone pretty much looked the same. Finally found my running folks (the folks who are running with me for pledges to benefit our 2 chosen charities). We didn't managed to grab a pic together though. And I missed Lilian's picture too.

Here's Florence, Mambo, Gladys and I at the running grounds.
Jo and Charlie during our breakfast for King at El meson. Hungry after the run, I seriously wanted to eat more. Hehehe.
And here's pals Eric and Michael who didn't run but came to join us for breakfast. And let's not forget Fatty one half of a pair of adorable schnauzer sisters.
Hubby Dennis who woke up early and waited till I finished my run. Good pal Wijay came along to drop off his pledge for my run (THANX Wijay).
Malcolm Sze is a good pal of mine from BNI and has been encouraging me in my runs and practices. THANX Malcolm. *Muaks*
And here's some pics that I managed to grab after my run. Its a crazy fun run. And I think I am addicted to running:D