Celmonze...I am pleasantly surprised and pleased:D

Celmonze. Most of us would have seen this brand being around for some time. And the some time that I am referring to here is 30 years. Yes being around for 30 years does speak something of the brand, doesn't it?

And yes before I go one. Here's one for the dictionary.
Celmonze = cell reborn.
And I reckon that it does make sense since their products and services are aimed at helping our skin renew themselves as optimumly as possible.

The launch for Genetique was held at Monz in Damansara Utama (behind Starbucks and the same row as Wondermilk). The place was welcoming and cozy. First impression was "I am going to like this place". And true to the first impression as I will share later on, I did indeed enjoy the place.

Celmonze's new product is Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis. Stem Cell is not something new to many of us whether it is for health or even beauty.

But what makes Celmonze Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis different is its main ingredient. It is based on a rare Swiss apple. This tree is unique that it can heal itself even if its skin has been punctured. Oh. Even First Lady Michelle Obama is a fan of this rare Swiss Apple and its benefits. So you can imagine if we were to incorporate the potent stem cell, it could really assist our less than optimum skin renewal thanks to our lifestyle and of course age. I have not experience Genetique for myself but having seen Hanie's before and after the Genetique facial, I have to say her skin definitely looked good even without makeup! It had a clarity and glow to it. Seriously, I can't wait to experience mine next week. Will blog more when I have experienced mine.

Back to my time at Celmonze yesterday. We arrive early and post registration and receiving our goody bag (with a lovely home care traveling set) which I am looking forward to bring along with for my next mini getaway end of this month. I could use it now but I supposed a real test of a products efficacy is also when our skin is subjected to a different environment from the norm. So if it works well then, I reckon it'll be better for our regular days.

We were given a tour of Monz. Like I mentioned earlier, the first impression was warmth and coziness. And this extended not just from the welcome area but all the way into the treatment rooms. So when I had my session of the 1 hour relaxing facial (RM108) it was a combination of the ambience, the technique and the products that had me WOW!

Despite being in a treatment room smack next to the training room with the bloggers in full force of chats and guffaws during Hanie's Genetique session, I actually pretty much slept through my facial. Massages with aroma oil kicked start the entire session and pretty much set the "relaxed" mood. The right pressure and strokes were superb. There was no extraction in my case as my skin was not clogged.

I loved in particular the enzyme peeling that was used to rid my skin of the superficial dull skin and dead cells. While waiting for the enzyme to take effect, I was given yet another soothing shoulder and neck massage to ease the knots from the day's work.

A hydrating mask was deemed most suitable for my skin type by my therapist. She slattered it on and gave me a face massage which I fell asleep again. I woke up just when Yennee came in to take Rebecca and my pictures. Had a laugh (can't remember why) and LOL I fell asleep thereafter again. Soon enough my therapist came in to rinse off the mask. Facial ended with a suitable moisturiser and sunblock (yes, another shoulder and neck massage).

At this point I couldn't really see how I looked as the room lights were low. Once we stepped out, I saw Rebecca's. Her skin looked gorgeous! And she looked at mine and said WOW while I said WOW on hers, we both went off to search for a mirror to look at ourselves. It was certainly a WOW! One hour of relaxing facial and my skin looked clearer and radiant. I actually went off for another 2 more gathering with some pals minus the makeup since I was glowing from the facial.

With the amazing results I saw from Celmonze 1 hour versus the result that I get from Sothy's 2.5 hours facial, I think I am hooked on Celmonze and I can't wait till I have my session of Genetique to help my skin recover from my sun and aircon abuse.

Some lil tips that I know but rarely follow, I am quite determined to adopt seeing the trainer Adeline (a mother of 2 almost adult children and who certainly didn't look her age of 48 years old) shared with us. A few of the tips:
• Always use a cleansing milk or makeup remover to remove the sunblock and before our regular cleanser. Unless our skins are properly cleansed and ride of the makeup etc, we won't benefit from our creams, serums etc that we use on our skin.
• Cleanse, tone and moisturise is a must no matter how lazy or tired we are. If we are lazy, our skin is bound to pay the price for it.
• Our skin is also a reflection of our health. If you have coloured spots like pigmentation on your cheeks area, it will be a good idea to also have a look at you uterus. More so if you also suffer from painful mentsrual cramps.
• Our skin renews in a 28 day cycle. So while our regular skin care at home contributes to helping us achieve 70% optimum renewal, our once a month session at the beauty salon of 2 hours with salon or professional products will help with the rest of the 30% required for optimum youthful skin renewal.
• Its important to sleep between 11pm to 2am. That's when the skin's renewal is at its most optimum.

Conclusion? I've really enjoyed my visit to Celmonze. And definitely benefited from its products. Can't wait to see what Genetique can do on my skin:D

And if you want to try it out and see your transformation, head down to Monz:
105, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama
47400 Damansara Jaya, Selangor
••• Landmark - same row as Wondermilk and sort of opposite OCBC.

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