Nike 10 10 10 - I did it:D

Completed my 5km of the Nike City 10k run:D I am really pleased with myself. Not merely coz I completed the run but more so, I ran from the start till the end without stopping. OK...I did stop to walk at the starting point when traffic was heavy and stopped to drink. There was no way I was able to drink while running. Either I was splattering water all over my face or drinking through my nose.

Running with 10,000 people is not an easy feat. Not when you have people holding hands to run (not kidding this paktology couple), folks who walk on the right side of the road or folks who do a immediate stop in the middle of nowhere to tie their shoe laces! It was literally OMG!!!

OMG by Usher. I love that song to bits and was really happy when JJ from Hitz FM played that while we were all in line warming up and waiting to start. The mood was superb. The music and the folks in the morning was just stunning. And of course when the lights when was another OMG!!! We were all almost glowing in our Nike tees as you can see from this pic that I borrowed from JJ's blog.
Run started at 715. And apparently my time as clocked by the red bib (I find it canggih like the beacon that we use on our cars during our track sessions) stuck on my shoe is 37.02. I know I should be able to do better. Lessons learnt which I supposed could help to improve time for my future runs:
• do not weave in and out to avoid the crowd. But then, what am I supposed to do?
• stand on the front line and hopefully I am fast enough to pull away from the main crowd (this one I seriously need to rethink on how feasible especially when I am only 5 feet tall). Not sure how large can my strides go...short person...short get my drift?
Any other suggestions?
I have to confess that while running, the right ankle was trying to protest at KM3. But the deal I had with myself was to run unless I cramped. So off I went on running or you can call it jogging all the way. Another factor that kept me going was "I hate to be smoked".

Yes I hate to be overtaken so I kept running and told myself to be consistent because when the other person slows down, my consistent speed should mean that I can smoke the person back. What is "smoke the person"? Its similar to "bite the dust". So did I get smoked? Yes I was smoked by the much faster (obviouslylah) and perhaps younger runners. I kept my promise to myself and smoked some who smoked me along the way. No hard feelings to anyone but that's the rascal in me that doesn't like to be left behind.

After the run, we were rewarded with water and bananas. Not kidding water and bananas! We were each also given a figurine. Mine was Jay. I think I chose him because he was wearing orange. Not sure what's my fondness for orange colour these days.
And I realised, looking for your pals in the sea of yellow people is not the easiest thing to do. Everyone pretty much looked the same. Finally found my running folks (the folks who are running with me for pledges to benefit our 2 chosen charities). We didn't managed to grab a pic together though. And I missed Lilian's picture too.

Here's Florence, Mambo, Gladys and I at the running grounds.
Jo and Charlie during our breakfast for King at El meson. Hungry after the run, I seriously wanted to eat more. Hehehe.
And here's pals Eric and Michael who didn't run but came to join us for breakfast. And let's not forget Fatty one half of a pair of adorable schnauzer sisters.
Hubby Dennis who woke up early and waited till I finished my run. Good pal Wijay came along to drop off his pledge for my run (THANX Wijay).
Malcolm Sze is a good pal of mine from BNI and has been encouraging me in my runs and practices. THANX Malcolm. *Muaks*
And here's some pics that I managed to grab after my run. Its a crazy fun run. And I think I am addicted to running:D

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