Quinoa, Marmite & Cod Fish

Had ulam quinoa for dinner last night at Country Farm Organics in Bangsar Village. So it wasn't half strange that I dreamt of it last night and obviously woke up thinking of quinoa. However, it was strange that the dream was vividly with Marmite and cod fish.
I love quinoa for its nutty & beany taste. But more so because it is a complete protein source under the plant category (great on my vegetarian days). Its easy to cook - cook it like rice or I learnt yesterday that we can steam it too. Having tasted the steamed variant at Country Farm Organics I would say, steam taste much better.

I obviously twittered my thoughts and Marsha asked for the recipe. Hence this blog thoughts today. And I'll have to cook it quite soon least it occupies my mind non stop. And in case you want to try it, please don't kill me if it does not come out the way you anticipated. The following is from my memory of the recipe rather than the actual which I have stashed somewhere.

• 2 pcs of Cod fish (of course since I only cook for hubby and I)
• Grounded black pepper
• Fresh rosemary (dry is acceptable though the fresh ones pack more ooopmh)
• 2 tbsp Marmite
• Sugar (optional)

(1) Marinade cod fish with rosemary and Marmite for 10-20 minutes.
(2) Pan fry cod fish.
(3) When cod is almost ready, add the rest of Marmite with black pepper with 3 tablespoon of water to make sauce. Sugar gives the final dish a slightly caramelised feel.
(4) Add into cod fish and cook till done.

Serve the above with mash potatoes and salad. Of course now that quinoa came into my dreams, I'll be serving the Marmite cod fish over a bed of Quinoa mixed with some cashew nuts with a salad on the side:D

And in case you're looking for Quinoa, you can grab them at Country Farm Organics in Bangsar Village or any good grocer. Add a little extra extra virgin olive oil  or flaxseed oil for flavour. 

What I will be doing one of these days will be to steam the quinoa till it looks like this:

Then add some flaxseed or extra virgin olive oil to it. Toss in some roasted cashew nuts. I can almost visualise what the dish will look like with a side dish of salad. Yummy. I promise I will upload pics of the finished dish as soon as I cook it.

Bon appetite:D


  1. I could never find quinoa at Cold Storage or other hypermarkets! Now I know where to get it.

    You gonna be cooking some and posting photos and recipes? I'd sure like that!

  2. I'm hungry too when I read recipes like this:)
    Quinoa is so amazing, in the past 2 years I've been cooking with quinoa and I just love it.
    thanks for sharing this great recipe!