Ring the bell

I learnt about this campaign via Pixel Project twitter account PixelProjectPixel Project uses social media and online strategies to combat violence against women globally.

Its as simply as ringing the door bell and asking "Can you tell me the time" when you hear a woman or a girl being abused next door. 

Of course I realise that this is possibly a way to interrupt any violence against any human or animal. So folks, don't be shy. Ring the doorbell and ask "Can you tell me the time" or "Is there something I can help you? I hear some strange noises."

The whole idea is to break the chain of action. And to inform the perpetrator that the people around are watching and listening.

Remember, your action means a lot. It may well save a life because violence may take a life literally or even "lose" a life. I've seen my friends and relatives turn insane from such act of violence. And needless to say heard of how many animals have died "courtesy" of animal abuse. So don't wait. Act now. Ring the bell when you hear strange noises!

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