Shalom turns 7!

OMG but my lil girl Shalom is all grown up and turned 7 over the weekend. 7 years old and I still call her a lil gal. That I supposed has everything to do with her manjaness, her running and jumping around the house every day!

Her current nick divashalom pretty much came about when I set up her twitter account. Shalom was not available so I thought why not divashalom since this Royal Highness demands to sit nothing but on chairs at home and parties. And when we're put in the park or beach, its the mat or only soft sand. No pricky grass for this diva!

This time around, I thought why not bake everything from scratch on my own for my kiddo. After all I have been baking 90% of her treats. So its a good time to share some wholesome almost organic goodness with her pals from her obedience classes, jungle trekking, beach bumming, makan & twitter kakis. Baking all those cookies and cakes wasn't easy amidst a busy period at my boutique sized ad agency. But I have no regrets doing so. It was therapeutic and mostly so when I saw the happy faces of the furkids when they ate.

We had tonnes of fun on that fine Sunday morning at One Utama Central Park. THANX to all who braved the rain and also did the sun dance. We had an amazing dry ground and mildly sunny weather when it was pretty much raining everywhere else! The furslaves (us) brought our own picnic nad yoga mats and settled down under the tress and enjoyed our breakfast. The birthday picnic was BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) and BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast)! Many thanx for the lovely mini potluck to pals who also brought some yummy goodness. Edleen & Adam brought lovely nasi lemak bungkus. Jo made us chicken avocado sandwiches. Gladys who had to miss the picnic baked us lovely chocolate chip banana cake! Visit her website for the recipe!

This momma here basically packed the picnic for the kids. I reckon the kids will not complain on bad food:P

Oh oh oh...this was not a picnic for those with furkids only. We had pals like Wijay who swung by even though he does not have a furkid. Yeah wijay has always been a big part of Shalom's picnics and parties. And I must thank Wijay coz he actually went searching for candles at 8am on that Sunday morning coz this momma forgot the candles for her baby. THANX bro. *muaks muaks muaks*

Heres some pics for her 7th birthday do. Didn't take much pictures as I was busy being mummy to her 7 year old diva:P And also special thanx to Andrew, Cai Lin, Mae V and Rocky for the use of some pictures taken by them that I have used here too!

Visit the following blogs for more pics:D



    Looking forward to more parties with you all! :D

  2. Can't believe we had to miss this...

    looks like everyone had a blast!