Sweating for a cause

I've been waking up early and training daily. And the motivating factor for Nike City 10K run in KL is the fact that some pals have agreed to pledge some funds for every km that I was running. Then chatting with a few more pals, we decided why not the group of us run together and get more for charity?

So here we are - Gladys, Jo, Lilian, Charlie, Mambo, Florence and I who will sweat it out this Sunday for

Our runs are cheap (yes at RM10 per km), the total money isn't a lot but it will make a difference for HOPE and MDDB I hope that you can pledge a minimum of RM10 for every km that we run.

Ken Chin KCAT Services an accountant / auditor friend of ours will be auditing the account for the funds and ensure that the monies received will be split in equal share to:
A bank draft will be issued to both the said bodies.

The bunch of us and our distance are:
Gladys Lee (5km)
• Jo Lee (10km)
• Lilian Yeo (5km)
Charlie Chia (10km)
Evelyn Ang Loo (5km) (Me:P)
• Mambo Ng (5km)
• Florence Lee(5km)

So basically you can opt to pledge for either one of us or perhaps all of us:D. The maths works out as follows:
--> If you sponsor me (Evelyn Ang Loo or missyblurkit as some of you know me) who is running 5km
= 5km x RM10 per km
= RM50

--> If you sponsor all of us:D

= 45km x RM10 per km
= RM450

A bank account has been jointly opened by Jo and I:
RHB 1-14138-0040592-3 (Evelyn Ang Gek Suan and Lee Sook Mun)

Please bank in your pledge and email us at with your reference number and the amount you have banked in.

Closing date: 17 October 2010.

Every Ringgit makes a difference. So folks, be generous:D
Will we complete our distances? YES YES YES even if we need to roll or crawl our way to the finish line.