Takers: my 2 cents (No spoilerslah)

THANX to Sirens Media and Sony Pictures for the tickets that I won. The preview session was on Monday and what a wonderful way to kickstart the week! It was fun (and I wished I wished harder for the Sony W Series MP3 player that was given away during the lucky draw to be mine...hehehe)

Takers is a must watch. Never mind the start was a tad draggy for some but it paves the basis for the movie. The plot revolves around a robbery and the true colours of friends. And just before you think its just the friendship of the bad guys, it also does focus on the friendship of the good guys.

Oh! Before you watch, trust me, its gonna be more fun if you take the quiz first. Then you can figure out whether you're a real leader, the smooth talker or the player...

The action was fine. But what impressed me was the play of emotions that was vivid throughout the movie. Welles with his daughter - something most parents should be reminded that our kids stay kids just one time of their life. His partner Eddie Hatcher love driven actions for his kids and his wife. The smooth and cool AJ remains cool even in the intense moment with the Russians. And what would brothers Jake and Jesse do for each other? What would a brother Gordon do for his sister Naomi? Does Ghost really love his girlfriend who has gone to the arms of another man?

All the above with some C4 and fight scenes is made even more worth it with the good looking Paul Walker (Fast and Furious), Matt Dillon (There's Something About Mary) and Zoe Saldana (Avatar).

Its movie to watch if you've not caught it. And here's the trailer for you to check out and convince you why you must watch Takers.

OK I'll be frank, cinematography wasn't the most excellent. So if you don't want to feel dizzy daisy (in case you're the slightest shaky scene = a headache) sit from middle onwards:D But overall, I like the movie for all it is and will not mind watching again it on a DVD when its released.

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