Almost breathless Friday 5th November 2010

I pretty much liked my 5th of November 2010...

Started off with my glass of super tangy grapefruit juice before heading off to McD to meet up with the boys for our Deepavali touge session. This round we had a mix of the Spyders, a Lotus and a S15.

The usual wait happens(lah). Nothing to grumble much since we can always snap pics and more pics during the wait. Or grab a drink (in my case a packet of Dutch Lady full cream milk). Or post for Edison before allowing him to take the pics of all the cars.
And you never know whom or what you might just snap a pic of.

Or what your subject may be caught doing:P I like to think that Brandon was caught finishing a かわいい sign but he claims that it is 2. Hmmm...
Snippets of our drive:
Had ice cream for breakfast round 2. Yummy good old fashion style ice cream in Kow Po, Bentong.
And yes, I had the fun of being Brandon's happy passenger. Its amazing being in the Lotus. She is definitely nimble and takes the corners rather differently from us. Despite the Ohlins in my Spyder, she still rolled a bit in the corners as I noted when we were behind Vic and Dennis. But here in the Lotus its all nice and tight. Conclusion? I loved the experience.
Would have been able to experience the Lotus without another Spyder in front on the Raub - Fraser route until the alternator acted up on my Spyder. Aiks aiks aiks...Gotta thank Brandon for being the support vehicle till we got back to KL.

I wonder if Brandon would be kind enough to let me ride with him again?

And this is what I missed out in the yummy lunch that the rest had while I made my way back to KL with my new battery. At least the lovely bakchangs came back to KL for my stomach. So life wasn't such a bitch after all.
Got home. Washed up. Slept only to be woken up by a loud noise of what I thought sounded like something falling. Ran to the source of the noises. Damnnnnnnnnnn my kitchen floor cracked up. Nope there wasn't any tremours whatever. Neighbours confirmed it. It was just plain bad workmanship on developer's side. Sigh. Chatted my immediate neighbour who is an architect and he confirmed it was just plain bad workmanship.
So next, I'll need to look for a contractor and go tile shopping to replace the tiles. Defect period is over since my place is 7 years old and the tiles are definitely no more in production. For now, I'll have to live with the weird looking kitchen flooring till we get sorted out next week.

Enough of being upset and emoing over my kitchen. Good pal Victor agreed to nom nom Pao Xiang BKT. One of my happy food!
And of course Guinness at Finnegans just made the day nice and sweet again.
Ah...The following pictures were taken by Brandon. Check out his facebook page for more awesome pictures.


  1. Looks like lots LOTS of fun! But I think the doggy had the most fun rolling on the floor! :p

  2. I so agree! Doggy looks really happy!

  3. but disco doggie basically had bad skin:-( was probably scratching the back by rolling all over the ground.