Honda City and rock climbing? Not kidding!

Rebecca of Advertlets emailed me and said "car and rock climbing". It sounded good! Not that I can climb with my left arm condition still nursing an old injury from my ATV accident). But it sounds so exciting, no way I will let it pass.

So there I was at Camp 5 at One Utama to witness what Honda City and rock climbing had in common.

The Honda City as we know is in its 3rd generation (launched in late 2008) and has sold over 36, 000 units since then. Its quite a popular car with the Honda City being the choice of many urban young people who want something that looks stylish, practical and with an element of excitement in performance. For RM 85,480 (Grade S) and RM90,480 (Grade E) (both on-the-road inclusive of insurance in Peninsula Malaysia), its also a no brainer why Honda City is clearly the choice for the urban young.

A new addition to the 3rd generation of Honda City is a new colour aptly called Tafetta White. There are currently 3 colours available i.e. Alabaster Silver, Crystal Black Pearl and Polished Metal. Quite a departure from the previous colours but their internal customer profile studies reviewed that white is also a colour that many would have liked on their Honda City. This I believe has something to do with the sexy sporty Championship White which is seen on the performance oriented Honda Civic Type-R only (going at RM199,800 on the road). Thus the birth of Honda City Tafetta White.

The new Tafetta White was unveiled in style at Camp 5 with the veil being lifted by the rock climbers. White I have to admit looks good on the Honda City although my greatest fear in white has always being how to keep my white car looking white and clean.
That aside, we were given a tour of the car. It is spacious (well compared to my Gen 2 and the Spyder). An attractive point is the trunk space (506 litre) that can fit in 2 golf bags or 2 of Rashid Salleh. This trunk space means it makes a marvellous shopping car:P

An added feature to the car is its flexible rear seat recline. This means the folks sitting at the rear can also enjoy a more comfortable long distance travel. I also love the under seat tray (available with Grade E only). No more umbrellas flying around in the rear seat or interfering with passenger comfort. And as the picture shows it can also fit in our shoes:D

With the Honda City, stained seats are almost past tense. The new seat covers are protected with a material that repels water spills.

This crazy Malaysian hot weather has many of us cursing especially when we have to sit at the rear seats. Air con doesn't reach us so fast. Surprise surprise...the Honda City comes with vents on the rear seat floor for better cooling at the back of the car. Cool idea isn't it?

And the paddle shifter that comes with the Grade E is a delightful feature for many. For RM90,480, it sounds good!

Didn't get the chance to test the Honda City. However at the price of RM 85,480 (Grade S) and RM90,480 (Grade E) with a 1.5L engine, this is definitely a good buy just looking at some of the features mentioned above.
For more information and enquiries about the Honda City, call Honda’s Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020, or log on to for more details.

Done with the car, don't stop me and I would go on forever and ever. Can't wait to take a test drive one of these days.

So what about Honda City and rock climbing? It isn't a pure coincidence or a bright spark idea to choose rock climbing to unveil the Tafetta White Honda City.

Honda City represents a complete package of Style, performance, Practicality and Best in Class features. And with rock climbing, these 4 qualities must also be present in the rock climbing competition "Get on the rock!".

This month long competition opens for registration till 7th December 2010. Its open to all Malaysian aged 21 and above. There are 2 categories with the following simple terms of the competition are simple::
(1) Open Class (anyone even non climbers can participate)
--> submit one climbing photo shot that best interprets one of Honda City's unique qualities:
• Style
• Performance
• Best in Class
(2) Pro Climber (climbers wit climbing experience rated 6c)
--> submit four climbing photo shots that best interprets ALL of Honda City's unique qualities:
• Style
• Performance
• Best in Class

Submissions will be evaluated via an online public voting system. A total of 25 teams from the Open category and 20 from the Pro category will be shortlisted for the finale show down to be held in Camp 5 at One Utama Shopping Centre on December 18 2010.

In the final showdown, teams need to climb the most mileage in the given 2 hours. Prizes are attractive:
• Open category winner gets an adventure filled climbing trip on the limestone cliffs in Krabi worth RM3,500 and a 1 year membership at Camp5.
• Pro category gets the chance of a lifetime to meet Reini Scherer (one of the world climbing champions) in a climbing clinic in Austria worth RM13,000. There is also a RM2,000 cash prize for the winner!
Rock climbing is definitely popular and is fast gaining recognition that it is not the simplest sport around town. It demands coordination between strength and strategy. I know it looks easy but when you try it, then you know the amount of coordination and strength required.
Get more details and mechanics of the Get on the rock! with Honda City on

So will I be able to give it a try for the Open category? Hmmmm, let me have a chat with my stubborn arm first:P

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I have been a car enthusiast for the longest time and this helped me. Such an informative post!