Kiddo needs a forever home

Pal Shereen rescued Kiddo off the streets. This kid was absolutely dehydrated and skinny with only bones and fur. Kiddo had to be placed on the drip as soon as he was rescued. So you can imagine his condition then. A fair bit of cuts and ulcers were also on his body especially under his belly.

Another pal Jo has been boarding and nursing him back to health. And now he's ready for his forever home with a loving family who would love him for who he is. 

This lil black pup has a thick undercoat of black medium length fur with an equally adorable marble eyes.

Jo noted the following characteristics:
• Adores human company
• Loves to eat
• Loves to sleep (he's a puppy:P)

• Loves to play
• Loves human company
• No fear of big dogs (Kiddo has been inducted by Jo's 4 other dogs of which 2 are big breeds)

Please leave a note if you're keen to give Kiddo his forever loving home. THANX!!!

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