Kiss - Because I am a girl

Because I am a girl. I am a girl.

Nah this is not a nonsensical post from me.

Woke up this morning at 4am feeling sluggish. Rolled in bed and contemplated sleeping in for the day. Nevertheless the pretty skies got my ass out of bed afterall. Took my jogrunwalk through the usual big loop and the 2 of the small loop. But something else bugged me and I continued on a new route. It was simply lovely. I had new things to see. New smells to tickle my nostrils.

And since I was half expecting myself to walk, I loaded a new playlist - Korean with Kangta, Kiss & Taeyang. When this song came on, I told myself that I must share this MTV today. So here it goes.

Caution: Its quite a tearjerker. I remember tearing when I first watch this in 2005.

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