Magic potion Ocean my search over?

I love the sun. And I absolutely love being outdoor. I love driving in our convertible with the top down. I also love my runs and hanging from trees. I love my beach and pool bumming sessions. I adore my picnic sessions with Shalom and her pals. I just love being outdoors:D

And its doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that all these happy activities under the sun would mean that I'm quite susceptible to dry, dark and dull skin. I am obviously not expecting myself to remain super fair as I was born. So all I ask is just turn darker but minus the dry dull skin. OK I am quite a vain pot:P

But on a more practical cause for concern, the rate of skin cancer is higher for those of us who love the sun and I don't want to be part of the rising statistic for skin cancer in Malaysia.

The last few years, I have pretty much tried most of the sunblocks in the market. I have not found any that I would say has been the best. Its either they work in outdoor dry activities but would not last when in contact with the sea or heavily chlorined water. Or they left me with eczema or with little acne like bumps all over especially the back of my body.

So when a friend asked if I was keen to try a new brand of sunblock range from the US, I thought why not? These 2 samples were given to me.
• Ocean Potion Ultra Light Anti Aging Sunblock SPF50 (RM46.80)
• Ocean Potion Oil Free Sport Extreme Sunblock SPF50 (RM42.80)
Tried them over 10 days in various activities from my sunny drives, Terry Fox run, picnic with Shalom and also chilling hours by the pool.

Verdict? I loved it. Its not sticky which is an important factor when indulging in outdoor sweaty activities (Yes we drive open top minus the air con). Most importantly, the application of both the samples did not result in any of my eczema hot spots.

Did I turn red or turned darker? Well if you reapply your sunblock after you perspire or towel dry, its only right that you reapply your sunblock. So in following the general rule to reapply, I pretty much stayed the same shade.

How often should one reapply in the absence of sweating or wiping the sunblock off? There is no hard and fast rule. But I read somewhere that 1 SPF equals 5 minutes of protection if you stay dry and don't wipe it off. And that is pretty much my general practice.

And of course to apply the sunblock at least 15 minutes before stepping out of the home.

Here's a chart taken from Ocean Potion as a guide to what is the recommended SPF that you should use.
I'm smitten with Ocean Potion (well at least these 2 that I have tried):
• First it does not contain mineral oil which can clog one's pores and pretty much a source of skin irritation.
• Its oil free but application is still easy.
• Its almost fragranced free.
• No greasy after feel and did wash off easily with my usual shower foam.
• PABA or Padamate O free
• Comes with vitamin D for added skin protection

And interestingly, do you know that:
• Ocean Potion products are certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation. So its not just a commercial blah blah shoutout by Ocean Potion. They are seriously certified!
• Ocean Potion is cruelty free. They are a member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

I didn't get the chance to try out the spray versions but I'll be getting them real soon before my next sunny activities lined up this month (on schedule are the autocross, touge, picnic with the furkids, Malakoff run and yes my much awaited Ruby's getaway). I figure out that its much easier to reapply with the spray version when I am outdoor. Afterall it doesn't sound technically right for me to go around asking people to help me reapply sunblock for the back of my body.

So for you outdoor buffs, go check out Ocean Potion's full range of sun protection ranging from SPF 4 (if you're into tanning you still need some form of protection) to SPF70. And choose from the following range that caters to the following concerns:
• anti aging
• sensitive skin
• children
• skin tanning
• post sun skin repair therapy

Currently Ocean Potion products are available at all Watsons, selected pharmacies and sports clubs. Or to find out more about Ocean Potion products and free giveaways, check out their website or join them on Facebook at

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