Visible difference in 24 hours, transformation in 48 hours:D

Visible difference in 24 hours, transformation in 48 hours - I want!

After 3 serious days of extreme sun in Bukit Tinggi for JPM CIMB Preferred Hill Challenge 2010, my skin calls for a much needed facial to help the skin recuperate. I've got to be honest to myself, I am not 18 or 25 years old. I am already 37 and my skin's metabolism has slowed down. A 28 day cycle is still not optimised unless I seek some professional help. Lack of sleep and being lazy with regular facials has shown its signs with skin tags, open pores and laugh lines as this photo reveals.
On this note, I must share that the damage this round hasn't been as bad as my last major event in Kota Bahru. I will share later on my experience in using Celmonze's travel kit and some common sense tips that I picked up from friends.

So on Tuesday, I checked myself into Monz for some good pampering and my time. Started off with the therapist running me through some questionaire to know my skincare routine, products used and medical condition. This is important as with different conditions, our treatment may differ.

Done with the questionaire, I was ushered into the cozy therapy room to change. The lights are dimmed for me to relax. The lighting was just right for the therapist to know what she was doing.

2 hours went pass quite quickly and I must admit that it was so soothing that I fell asleep most times. The sleeping I was told is good as it aids our skin to absorb the benefits of the facial even better.

I really love this. Right before even step 1 of the 2 hour facial begins, I am given a light massage to relax my mind and body. Its such a bliss. Reminder to self to check hubby and myself in for a couple massage soon.

The session went on as follows:
Phase 1 - Cleanse and tone. I love the creamy cleanser. Coupled with the smooth massage strokes, I was almost at the verge of hitting lala land.

Phase 2: Exfoliation using Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Exfoliating Gel. This is product is none of the grainy scrubs that many places use. Its gel form and relies on the rare Swiss apple ingredient to encourage intensive peeling to remove the dead cells, dark cells and impurities. I did not feel any discomfort. My therapist Stephanie inquired that if I feel any discomfort I must let her know. I reckon my dead skin must be very thick:P

Phase 3: The Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Neutraliser is applied to neutralise the exfoliation gel. This neutraliser serves to stop the exfoliation and also encourage skin cell renewal.

Phase 4: The exfoliation gel and neutraliser is rinsed off. This is followed by toning. Next the Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Concentrate is applied. Stephanie informs me that the Swiss apple stem cell is combined with Cassia Alata leaf extract and Hyaluronic Acid to repair my skin and to improve my skin's moisture level. I like the idea of better moisture as my skin is actually quite dehydrated and this makes the open pores even more obvious.

Phase 5: This step serves to help improve my skin metabolism. Here the Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Skin Activator is used. A tool is used to help my skin absorb the product better. It feels like a roller going over all my face. Quite relaxing actually.
Phase 6: The Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Genetique Mask is applied. This is a moisture rich mask to further enhance the moisture level in my skin and also to seal in the benefits of the Activator used in Phase 5. I'm left to sleep for 20 minutes of which needless to say, I went back to lala land to snooze.

Phase 7: I wake up to the mask being removed. And a final step, Stephanie applies the Genetique Stem Cell Synthesis Active Cream. Yes the word is cream but it wasn't oily. My skin absorbed it real quick and I felt my skin feeling firm and soft.

Ahhhh 2 hours of facial with lots of massage in between the phases, this is so blissful.

This is my face immediate after the facial. All nice and firm:D
I have continued using the travel kit with the Genetique Skin Essence and Genetique Active Cream every morning and night. Skin doesn't feel taut and dry. And yes, the open pores are less visible too.
And 2 days later, my open pores were less visible too. Am I going back for another Genetique or another relaxing facial which I have taken a month ago? Of course I am if I want to look youthful despite the crazy abuses that my skin has to take.

The downer is that it cost RM598 per session!

But...if you are a Maybank or Public Bank Credit card holder, you can opt for the easy payment scheme. Currently its RM2,980 for 5 sessions plus some home care stuff to bring home. The total is almost RM4,800 but you pay only RM2,980. Good consideration eh?

So what's the magic ingredient behind Celmonze Genetique? Its this rare Swiss apple Uttwiler Spatlauber. Unlike your regular apple, tests and experiments have shown that the rare Swiss apple posseses a potent DNA ability that enables the skin to repair itself more optimumly. And do you know that Michelle Obama is a great fan of products with this rare Swiss apple Uttwiler Spatlauber?
In fact this rare Swiss apple upon harvesting, this apple stays fresh longer than the regular apples. So imagine when this DNA feature is incorporated into our skin care, we will be reaping the benefits of having our skin metabolism being more optimised to recover from our harsh environment and lifestyle bad habits.

And if you want to try it out and see your transformation, head down to Monz:

105, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama
47400 Damansara Jaya, Selangor
••• Landmark - same row as Wondermilk and sort of opposite OCBC.

Now if only I have a solution for the rest of my body which is turning dry and dark...


  1. Wahhhhhh..................shioknya!

  2. Genetique Stem Cells Synthesis has captured the miraculous regenerative quality of the rare Swiss Apple, Uttwiler Spatlauber, transforming it into a powerful beauty solution.
    Similar to human skin cells, the Swiss apple’s plant stem cells aid cellular healing and the renewal process. So you can look younger for longer.

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