Destination: crazy tired...

I've always enjoyed my Wednesday. Its kickboxing day at TNT and its Pink Wednesday thereafter. 

Strangely on 29th November, I didn't really enjoy both the kickboxing and ice cream as much as I normally did.  It started with my left leg being a lil over stretched by my partner who was "busy" chatting with someone else. And then Baskin Robbins ran out of bananas for my Banana Royale. The chit chat at Baskin Robbins too didn't seem right. Didn't make sense at all. I always loved my Wednesdays! 

Friends felt I was pushing myself a wee to much with my morning runs and kickboxing. I honestly don't think I was pushing myself since I feel really good after each workout. And sleep real well at the end of the day.

As it turned out, I was exhausted. It was a strange exhaustion that I never before. 

Remedy: Sleep. It was time for me to hibernate. 

Hit home and slept like a baby the next few days. Decided that the ad hoc off days was needed. So took Thursday and Friday off. No work. No clients. Nobody nobody but me mattered now. 

The schedule continued for the weekend. All I did was sleep and eat. A lil of meeting people (I am generally not a hermit). Good laughs and giggling...but just a little...I was too busy sleeping.

How do I feel now? 

Cheeky and stubborn.

And trying to stay out of mischief.

*Sulk* Yes I am sulking because my left leg just doesn't seem to feel like mine. Feels detached from me:-( Perhaps I should hibernate for the next few days?


  1. Siao Cha Bor!!! You better take it in the morning and then kickboxing in the evening!!!! Siao!!!