Heng BKT Delights

I love Bak Kut Teh.

I love Bak Kut Teh.

I love Bak Kut Teh.

And I reckon I'm now making up for loss time of picking up a liking for pork at a rather late age...

I like mine very herbal generally. However, Heng BKT Delights worked well with me even though its not the strong herbal style. Its a gentle balance of herbs and meat. And one thing I noted after my meals there (as of today, I think I've been there at least 10 times since they started the dinner operations on 2nd December 2010).

I love my BKT more so in the nights when its cooler and a pot of warm soup does wonders to the stomach and mood generally. And after work, there's no rush whatsoever...just chill and enjoy the meal and tea. And I must say the company that Anderson and Uncle Billy provide. These 2 folks behind Heng BKT Delights are simply an awesome concoction themselves:P

The Bak Kut Teh as I mentioned earlier is a good balance of herbs and meat and its really soothing. Let them know your fave parts and they'll serve it to you. I've always been a ribs persons so its ribs most of the time. Although some days I have to take other options if I arrive a wee later (e.g. after my kickboxing and yumcha sessions).
Another favourite is the pork trotters in vinegar i.e. chi kiok chou. This is one place that serves it sour enough and spicy enough. Spicy is not derived from the dried chilli like most places. No expense is spared. Its gingery spicy.

Rice wine chicken or wong chao kai is a hot selling item here. When I first tasted it, I just knew so why! The ginger and wine was cooked just nice with the kampung chicken and kei chi (wolfberry). And the wine used is specially ordered from a lady who makes them specially for confinement lady. So you can just guess just how potent the flavour is. I love it to bits. A bit heaty for me if I have it back to back every 2 days...but I just love it.

With the same wine, they also have another popular confinement must have food i.e. rice wine cooked with pig kidney "wong chau chi yu". I took to this quite well as it didn't have the stinky pee smell that some places have. The secret is to wash it well and wash it patiently. This has a slightly sweet taste to it.

And if you're on confinement and stay near to Heng BKT Delights, you can even order the wong chao kai and wong chau chi yu from them!

I also love the "choi kiok" here. This is a dish that must be cooked over night for the flavours to developed. Here the choi kiok is spicy. Its very much similar to the ones that I remember that my granny cooked whenever I returned to Penang. This is another dish will result in me carbo loading big time whenever I visit Heng BKT Delights.
Started liking the texture and taste of the pig's intestine and stomach of late. However, I don't like it if it smells funny (not washed properly) or is overcooked that it becomes like eating rubber. On one of my recent visits here, we tasted the black pepper soup with the intestine and stomach. Verdict? shiokalingam. It was so good that I forgot to take any pictures. Hence here it is...borrowed from pal Andrew. Check ut his blog for food ideas! I wish that hubby takes this dish too, otherwise it can be a little too much for me to eat alone. Well, I can finish up the whole serving but it does not leave me with much room for the other dishes.

Many places serve dry BKT with dried chilly so its a wee spicy / hot. Here the dry version is actually loh chee kiok - braised knuckle. Looks fatty but ain't fatty when the parts served are actually the tendon and ligament. Taste it then you knowlah.

This is a must write. The rice is superlicious yummy. Here on yam rice with a generous portion of yam and decent size dried shrimps are served almost daily unless they can't get good yam. And when there are good ripe pumpkins available at the market, they served pumpkin rice too. And long bean rice on some special days. So you could just drop in and see what is the special of the day or call before you come to enquire if your preferred rice is available.

I love "tao pok". And here the "tao pok" has a unique taste and flavour to it. I am told this is because the process includes a wash in salt water. Nope it is not salty. Its just a unique taste which make you want to eat more. I normally have 2 bowls on my own:D

While waiting for your food, here's a bowl of piping hot bowl of soup to soak your "yao cha kwai":D

And while you're there, chat up Uncle Billy and Anderson to know more about BKT. Here's the location details:
Heng Bak Kut Teh Delights
No 622, Jalan 20, Rumah Panjang,
Off Jalan Kuang Gunung,
Taman Kepong,

GPS: 03*12.483N 101*38.236E

Business hours: 7am - 3pm
6pm - 1am
Closed on Wednesdays!!!

• Anderson +6 019 208 0720
• Billy +6 016 332 8003
• Christine +6 012 672 7476

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