Little Jakarta

Little Jakarta.

Hubby says it looks good from the outside. But wait...isn't it previously named The Colonial? Hmmmm....We didn't like food at The Colonial. And the decor inside does look almost scaringly similar to The Colonial.

Shall we try?

What if food is bad?

Hmmmm...if we don't try we won't know.
Parked our car and took a deep breath before we walked in. Prayed hard that food would be good. Afterall I was starving.

First thing that we saw was ais kacang. Hehehe for Rm1! Ok this RM1 only applies if you order food from their menu. It isn't tough, considering that they have quite an extensive list of items.

And so how does it taste for RM1? Looks OK. Taste good! Life is good:P

We returned to Little Jakarta thereafter a few times and apart from the ais kacang, the following are recommended. There are a lot more dishes to try but there's only so much that 2 persons can eat each time without being gluttons:P And I must stop ordering the same dishes everytime I visit!

Rice is served on prettily cut paper. A plate is under the brown paperlah:P

Ok. Ais kacang at RM1 caught my eye. But the first dish per se that caught my eye was also Krispy Ayam Kremes. This is almost a dish on its own for me. A few slices of cucumber to cool us down after this dish of fried tofu, tempe (I absolutely love tempe) and chicken.

Hubby loves beef. So he was naturally going to order beef. And he settled for beef rendang nasi uduk set komplit. Nasi uduk is basically aromatic rice cooked in coconut milk with spices including Indian bayleaf (daun salam), lemongrass (serai), coriander seed (ketumbar) and screwpine leafs (pandan).

I am a sucker for kangkung and will always order this if I am given the task or ordering dishes. Been here 3 times and this dish is also cooked consistently with some crispy ikan bilis sprinkled on top for some extra crunchy kick.

Ikan pepes is a wee similar to otak-otak. The fish is mixed with some spices and then steamed. Then it is wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. You can imagine the aroma when they open it before you!

Beef rawon is super yummy. In fact it is one of the best rawon that I have ever had. Rawon is a spicy beef soup. The main ingredient apart from beef is a herb / spice called kluwek / keluak. It is also known as black nut. Kluwek must be processed properly before it is used for cooking. Otherwise it is poisonous. I love this dish so much that it is a must have on every visit.

Sambal sotong. Nothing much to shout about but it was very appetising. Hmmm thus far all dishes were appetising:P

On my next visit, I must have:
• Sayur asem
• Sayur londeh
• Soto ayam
• Gado gado
• Crispy Sambal Ijo Flying Fish
• Cincau Ijo
• Javanese coffee (am told the coffee here is it has to be lunch time otherwise I will be wide awake enough to sit through the day, night and day shift with the security guards.)

One complain. I have a feeling they have taken out the Crispy Sambal Ijo Flying Fish:-( I have yet to be able to taste it after 3 times of visiting the place. Geram....

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