Evil Duo Abusing Poodle - updates

The previous video on YouTube has been removed. THANX to Andre, here's another one.

I read that Suren of ROAR and other animal welfare organisations will be making a police report tomorrow:
Thursday 27 Jan 2011
11.30am @ IPD Dang Wangi

Development show that Doreen Loo has apologised on Facebook. Honestly, if one expects that a "sorry" means people forgive and forget the incident, I don't think it works that way. She was witness to the abuse and she did nothing to stop it. She even had the chick to video it! And strangely the video as not even deleted...I am assuming that the drive that contained the video could have been hers.

Even if the Allan bloke is her ex hubby or whatever, it is no excuse to just stand and watch the abuse. Its insane! Its inhumane!

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