Kitchen solutions from Samsung

I love eating as much as I love cooking. But have never been cooking as much as I like because:
• busy busy busy with work
• not having the most equipped kitchen
• cooking isn't as easy as eating:P

But really if one has a properly equipped kitchen and some basic know hows, cooking can be a breeze for any career woman. Samsung to the rescue. Aptly named Samsung Kitchen Solution "Designed for your extraordinary life" the line of hob, hood and oven as I saw in Harvey Norman at Ikano is simply a life saver.
Does it have to be expensive? Nope! For the offerings of a hood and ceramic / induction hob, the prices ranges from RM2999 (ceramic) (normal price RM3598) to RM5399 (induction) (normal price RM6498). The top up deals promo (when you purchase the above hood and hob packages) for the ovens are certainly too good to be resisted. Ovens range from RM2300 (normal price RM2799) to Rm3300 (normal price RM3999).
Now price sounds good, the features have to be good and also look good or else what's the point?
I've always hated cooking the conventional way mainly because of the fear that a lousy hood means the whole kitchen is going to be greasy and stinky. Samsung has launched 2 hoods which do not take up a lot of space (60cm and 90cm width that should fit easily into any kitchen). What is interesting is the aluminium filter which are easy to clean unlike the conventional carbon, paper and flease that cost more to change. And you can just imagine if you do not change it often enough, the hood certainly will not function at its optimum.
And the halogen light on the hood will ensure that you can see what you are cooking easily. Speaking from experience unless the hood has proper lighting, chances are your cooking are isn't going to be properly illuminated.

Induction and ceramic hobs are a God sent creation especially when you have kids lurking around in the house. With a fire stove, they either will set the house on fire or play with fire and burn themselves. Parents will be pleased and relieved that all Samsung hobs come with child safety locks to ensure kids don't get themselves burnt by the heat. And with the induction hobs, heat is only generated when the ceramic glass comes in contact with induction compatible cookware e.g. stainless steel, cast iron and enamel.

I've heard complains about ceramic or induction hobs. Amongst which are:
• water cannot boil
• uneven heating

Samsung has launched the induction hob that features heating via induction coils under the ceramic glass surface. With the ceramic hobs, it features four high tech zones with powerful radiant heater to ensure even and quick heating.

And the induction hob has me going in wows...I love using the grill pan and big pots (macamlah I cook for a big family:P). And my complain has always been ceramic hobs in the market doesn't cater to the grill pans simply because of the cooking area. With Samsung's induction hob, there is a huge square area that is huge enough for most grill pans. And Samsung ceramic hobs also feature a multipurpose cooking zone called the Anydish Zone to accomodate cookware of varying size. This unique feature is again to ensure even cooking!
And if you hate cleaning up gas stoves, ceramic hoods is the solution! Simply wipe of the grime with a soft cloth. No need to poke and squeeze the finger to try to clean up spills under the ring.

Ovens have been my favourite ever since I owned my very first convection microwave oven. I have thus progressed to ovens and they are a life saver because I can bake, roast and even grill in one little box:P And with modified dishes I no longer have to clean the whole kitchen after whipping out a meal.
I made up my mind that my next oven must come from Samsung. It features twin convection which means I can now cook 2 dishes at 2 different temperatures on 2 different levels. Amazing isn't it? Mind you this isn't Samsung saying it. I witnessed it with my own eye balls when Chef Ricky from Cilantro demonstrated when he whipped out a backed chicken teriyaki, mini pizza and chocolate walnut cookies to the amazement of the crowd at Harvey Noman recently.

And the Samsung ovens get extra brownie points from lazy people like me. Not because it has a scratch resistant ceramic interior that allows grease to be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. BUT beacuse it features pyrolytic cleaning. The pyrolytic cleaning means that lazy people like don't have to lift a finger to the oven. It is a self cleaning system that works by "superheating" the oven to 500C to burn off any deposits from our bake, roast or grill sessions. Brilliant isn't it?

They look good. And they work absolutely well as I witnessed. So for those who's looking to upgrade their kitchen or shop for a new kitchen, hurry up to Harvey Norman or selected Samsung outlets to grab the current promotion and of course the fabulous kitchen solutions.

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