Le Porc Dor- pork satay galore @ Lot 10 Hutong

I've not visited Hutong for a couple of months for dinner. Thank goodness to the notorious no appointment needed KL traffic, we ended up in Hutong Lot 10 for dinner. And the usual me will have my pork noodles, beef noodles, wantan mee and orchien for sure.
Quite contended with dinner, I was making plans to head down to Dessert Brother for dessert. But someone walked pass and stopped. He asked if we wanted satay. Hmmm..."We have pork satay and chicken satay".


Now that is new! Yes I want my pork satay. Half a dozen please. And since we were on it, we decided that some sugar cane water will be good to cool us down.
The wait begins...pork satay fasterlah.
Satay arrived in 5 minutes or so. It did look promising and definitely tasted superb. It was juicy inside. Well marinated with a subtle hint of lemongrass - I love it to bits. 6 sticks for RM10.50 was a good deal. I could not get enough of it so another plate was required:D
The satay sauce is generous with peanuts. Thick and tasty you want to have more of it.
Ooops, there are 2 satay stall in Hutong. This porky one is sitting behind Sun Moulin. The stall that says Kajang satay in behind Mr Bao is not the stall that I am referring to.

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