Nyonya delights @ Rogers Delight

I hardly make my way down to Kota Damansara. Mainly its the traffic and parking that freaks me out. However for food...yes I would travel.

Its been some time since I had nyonya food. I must admit that the name Rogers Delight didn't sound anywhere nyonya but as much as looks can be deceiving, so can names:P And looking at the selection that Rogers Delight has on their menu (and its still growing), I reckon you could check this place out for your coming CNY reunion dinner too (well something different from the regular chinese restaurant fare).

My fave dish for the night is the assam prawn. Its a semi dry dish but if you can imagine the taste of assam laksa (I love assam laksa...) on prawns... Its a nice combination of lengkuas (galangal), bunga kantan (ginger flower), assam (tamarind) and I believe serai (lemongrass) with prawns...its almost heaven. Of course there are other ingredients:P
One of their signature dish is duck curry in claypot. I'll have to say that the duck is nice and tender. So yes if you love duck, give this dish a try.
One more fave is the simple dish of ladies fingers with sambal hebie. Plain tasting ladies fingers went well with the flavourful sambal hebie. Of course my personal preference would be for the sambal hebie to be a tad drier. But that aside, it did taste yummy like how my granny made it in Penang.
Hubby's fave dish was the salted egg crab which I admit is nice too. I normally prefer my crab steamed plain or in lemong kok hai style at Long Grilled Fish. This took me by surprise as the crabs were all evenly coated with the rich creamy taste of the salted egg yellow...yes this is another must try dish.
What is nyonya food without fish head curry? And the prawn in coconut is another dish that is yummy. Be prepared to be load on lots of white rice if you're having these 2 dishes and the duck curry.
As mentioned that the menu is still growing and we had this tofu dish called the Silky Tofu. I loved it. Its mild tasting compared with the other and allows our tastebuds to relax a while.
And you are dining with kids, the mixed seafood in pineapple is a good option. Think mixed seafood prepared the sweet and sour style:D
Dessert. What is dinner without dessert? Check out this utterly evil looking dessert that looks super creamy, super rich and super sweet. Looks are turned out just nicely sweet and not too overpowering after we have had so much to eat. So good that I ate hubby's share (rare because I don't exactly have a sweet tooth and never really fancied coconut milk). The sago went well with the sweet potato and coconut milk...delightful:P
So find your way there if you're in the area:
Rogers Delight
No. 32A1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: +6016 326 3083 (Roger Chong)


  1. Been a while since my last Nyonya meal too!
    Things here looks authentic enough ;)

  2. Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks.

  3. very yummy!! i been here twice a month.. you guys must try a curry duck with yam and coconut curry prawn.. yum yum :)