Return to destination crazy tired

For the strangest reason, I struggled to get out of bed this morning at 6am. The bed felt really softer than normal. And in my dreams, the alarm was singing but I was still in my dream land. It was a good thing that Shalom jumped up the bed to get me out of bed...

Met Tiger for a morning meet at 8am and I pretty much slept during the drive to Bandar Enstek and on the way back to KL while hubby and Tiger chatted during the journey.

It was warm outside and cool inside the car. And I just basically slept. Floating in and out of dreams. We stopped for petrol and we switched off the engine. I dreamt again. Or was I hallucinating? I dreamt that I was snoozing by a warm sunny beach.
Oh...I must admit that never have trouble sleeping. I'm tired out most days with a long day at work, housework, running and my kickboxing.

Either way, at the rate that I am feeling now at 245pm I think I've returned to a land called Crazy Tired. I hope its only a one day trip. I dread if its anything more. Tonight, I shall knock off work early and sleep. I must sleep at least 8 hours to recharge. There must have been a reason they said to play 8 hours, rest 8 hours and work 8 hours. Hmmmmm let's try recharging 8 hours straight tonight first...

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