Valentine's Day Bento @ Nagomi

Valentine's Day is round the corner? For many it means just another day. For others its just another $¥£ day of eating out and buying flowers, gifts etc etc.

Feeq invited me for a review at Nagomi Jaya33 for a taste of their Lover's Bento set. First impression, the place looks nice and cozy. Very polite crew on duty. I looked at the did look good. and at RM99++ its certainly an affordable not overkill priced dinner including dessert. But's let's reserve judgement until we taste the food.

The Bento set arrived and I was quite awed by the whole works. Looks good.

Hmmm I was a bit lost as to where should I start first. I've always started with salads first. But the sashimi looks superb. The grilled prawns inviting. The soft shell crab soba salada was screaming "come eat me". It didn't help that that the Suzuki Senbei was just as tantalising. Choices!

I quickly decided that I would start with the salad and the soft shell crab salada. The salad dip is amazing! The soba (buckwheat noodles) was cooked just nice and topped with a generous amount of soft shell crab. Yummy.

Sashimi...I always loved sashimi. And when its done up nicely and artistically like these rose shaped ones, they make it even more inviting. A combination of salmon and tuna topped with とびこtobiko (flying fish roe), these spell I LOVE YOU and look good. And was certainly fresh. Bravo!!!

Next was the Suzuki Senbei. These crispy sea bass crackers are flavourful. A dash of lime (a matter of preference) add more kick to the crackers. But because I still had that yummy salad sauce left, I was literally dipping my crackers into the sauce. *Grin*

King Prawn with white sauce is grilled king prawn with cheese and mayonnaise. I liked the cheese but the mayonnaise was a wee too much for my personal liking. But the prawn was nevertheless very flavourful and may have you craving for more.

Last to be devoured was the Love Sushi Roll with strawberry and avocado in it. Nice twist to the sushi rolls that we generally know. This was creamy and had the the happy strawberry taste to it. This Love Sushi Roll definitely stuffed me up.

And I thought I would be too full for the dessert. When the Chocolate Cheese Brownie arrived, I went yummssss. I can't cheese. Neither can I resist chocolate:P

All in all I was stuffed. Very very stuffed from the Lover's Bento Set at RM99++

And since it Chinese New Year is round the corner, the folks at Nagomi treated us to yee sang. This is not your regular yee sang. Its definitely a very sashimi driven yee sang with 4 types of fishes i.e. salmon, tuna, amberjack and sea bass. This is accompanied with Nagomi's special sauce. What was unique was we had cornflakes as part of the condiments for the yee sang. Yeah healthy yummy cornflakes that had Esther asking "Can I have more cornflakes please".

A tip is not to put too much of the 5 spice powder mix as it is quite potent:P

So there were we doing our lou sang and wishing for more good health, more good food, more good company, better pictures, more money etc etc etc... This gorgeous picture is from pal Andrew.
And if you're at Nagomi for your Lover's Bento between 11th to 14th February, why not add on the yee sang. A toss to a prosperous year ahead with your beloved is certainly auspicious:D Yee Sang is priced:
• RM48 for 2 pax
• RM88 for 6 pax
Yee Sang is also available for takeway!

So swing by to Nagomi for your Valentine's day and Chinese New Year do!

The Lover's Bento set is available only at:
• Nagomi Jaya33 (+603 7956 2330)
PG-02B, Ground Floor, Jaya33
3, Jalan Semangat, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
• Menara Hap Seng (+603 2141 6332)
Suite 1-19, 1st Floor, The Podium
Menara Hap Seng (Formerly Mui Plaza)
Jalan P Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur

or visit their website for more information on the Yee Sang (available in all outlets) or the Lover's Bento

For RM99++ and another RM48++, this is indeed a value for money Valentine's plus CNY celebration. Don't miss it!

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