When 2 yellow bananas went hill climbing.

One fine Sunday, 2 yellow bananas decided to climb some hills. The usual works of breakfast and it was off to 2 cool hills about 20 minutes away from KL - Genting Highlands and Fraser Hill

Cool and barely any traffic it was fun zipping around.

The S2000 was graceful. But beneath the graceful looks was a huge voice. This happy occupant actually wore ear plugs when we drove topless. And just before your mind elsewhere...topless here refers to us driving with the top down!

The other yellow banana was all grace and power. For the Cayman S it was an effortless climb up and down the hill and fast on the straights. Johnson definitely had his fun and the plus factor of having it manual. Yes, you read it right. Johnson's Cayman S is a manual. Manual is real fun as real drivers will tell you!

In between, the humans have to eat too. And we discovered some delightful bites in Gohtong Jaya that I'll share in the next post.

As usual, there will be pictures...Do enjoy the pictures. I had much fun during the day out with the 2 yellow bananas and I hope the pictures convey the fun I had. Not much pics during the drive but pics were a must wherever we stopped.

the boys just needed to exchange notes at every stop.

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