CNY Touge Picnic

The very first CNY that we did not go anywhere nor really celebrated as I'm still within the 1 year mourning period of my gram's demise.

Seriously bored on Day 3, we decided that we needed a drive somewhere with the lil one. Obviously Shalom was happier than anyone else. Again we didn't exactly know where we wanted to go. So we packed ourselves a simple picnic:
• a flask of green tea & water
• peanuts
• cookies
• prawn crackers
• apple
treats for the lil one

Off we went after a hearty breakfast at Hainam Coffee. Ah...the breakfast sets are wholesome and value for money. I love the bread and eggs (so did Shalom:P).
Armed with our picnic basket and tank full petrol, we started off with Ulu Yam. And the drive just went on and on. Stopped at Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB). Wanted to have our picnic at our usual spot near the dam but the usual spot was closed (festive break).

So we drove off a wee further and opted for the stream. A lovely spot under the trees. Nestled on some comfy rocks, we had gushing water on one side and a calm spot for Shalom. Enjoyed our picnic, we even had our family photo that I'll be submitting for my Ocean Potion entry. The gushing part of the area was fun. It was almost like a bubbly spa:D
It was lunch time and more people started coming in including a family of almost 40 people. So we packed our stuff and headed off for Frasers - Raub - Bentong.

Took a break at Chamang Falls - a place that hubby that went when he was a boy scout. Its my first time here and the falls are awesome. With clean amenities for changing, food stalls and ample parking space, this will be a nice picnic spot for the Spyder boys after our weekend drive.
We continued on to Bukit Tinggi Village for lunch and vegie shopping. Went gaga over passion fruit. A whole lot of them - 10kg for my passion fruit enzyme project for my sister in law.

By now the lil one was a wee exhausted. So its top up and the aircon for her to snooze on our return leg home. Nice snoozing, we opted for Janda Baik - old Mimaland road. Utterly fun windy roads with barely any traffic. Bliss!

Reached home at almost 5pm. The young one was exhausted but nevertheless very happy. Slept throughout dinner time and even while we were watching TV.
Conclusion? Day 3 of 2011 CNY was fun with our dive to nowhere:P


  1. This looks like such a fabulous picnic drive. Thanks for the pictures and recipes from your amazing country. Much drier here at the moment. God bless you and your family. Geoff.