Monsoon galore at Ruby's Resort (again)

Spent my new year countdown at Ruby's Resort at Cherating. It was monsoon. Yeah monsoon with rain, winds and grey skies. Still it wasn't a deterrent to us. We had our fun in the rain and the sun came up when we departed:P And this is actually my second time in Cherating during the monsoon.

I supposed being at Ruby's Resort, rain or shine, Aunty Ruby ensures that we have fun. The place itself is fun enough. And couple with buddies like Carlee, Jo and Lilian, the place was hilariously fun. Rain or shine, we had our fun. We walked a little in the rain. What choice had we? Our furkids needed to do their "business".

Oh...check out the cute lazy cats at Ruby's Resort.
As with any trips we had, we surely had our food escapades. Here's some pics. Will elaborate more in another post(s). But one thing for sure, this trip we discovered that Cherating and Kemaman has a fair selection of pork. Not kidding! Its largely a Muslim area but yes there is pork.

New Year's eve was different from the rest. It was raining. And having steamboat on a rainy night is certainly super duper fun. Here's some shot of our folks cooking. Hehehe a simple egg takes skills.

And the "funnest" was the playing UNO. A good fun game that most of us played. But because most of us had not played it for ages, it became hilarious that we were showing our cards to each other while we figured out the rules of the game. UNO...I'm so hooked on it. I can't wait to play it again. Hmmmm must organise an UNO Session soon.

Midnight came...its 2011! Yippee we welcomed the new year together with some of my dearest friends. Bliss!

We departed on 1st January. After 2 days of gray skies, the sun finally came out. The winds were still there but the sea was nicely calm. Jo and I dashed out in our bikinis. We needed the sun. I needed the sun so so so much. And Shalom wanted her walk on the beach (and soak in the sea - that water baby needed no encouragement to dash into the water).

And we as usual went out to gather shells:D
B and Shalom are both old girls - 9 and 8 years old respectively. But check them out when they chased each other at the beach. Amazingly almost like young puppies:P
It was crazy fun. So much so I've booked my stay for April and August (again). This 2 periods are when the skies and sea are beautifully blue...

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