Passport under 50 minutes!

Its a fair bit of travelling for 2011. And I've decided that I might as well renew my passport ahead of its expiry date for my visa applications etc. I was half anticipating that I would have to wait for at least half a day and face some grouchy crowd.

Surprisingly, it was a breeze. It took me exactly 60 minutes from the time:
• I parked my car
• Purchased my parking ticket
• Took mug shot
• Photocopied my identity card
• Filled up the form
• Grabbed my waiting number which can only be done once you have all your documents in place
• Submitted my documents
• Paid for my 5 years passport RM300
• Collected my passport
• Back to my car

Thanx Chin Ann for sharing with me the location of this immigration office.

50 minutes for the entire very relaxing experience I got myself a waiting number as shown in the following pic (highlighted in blue). And its barely 25 minutes from the time that I paid for the passport (highlighted in green). This is a far cry from my half day experience the last time.
I did it here:
Pejabat Imigresen Wilayah Persekutuan
Cawangan Wangsa Maju
Aras 1 Wisma Rampai
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4142 3449
Fax: 03-4142 3578

Here's the map:

The Google Map is kind of outdated. You should be looking out for an Esso petrol kiosk.

And they are opened daily:
Monday to Friday ~ 8am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday ~ 8am to 1pm

(1) the wait for the production of your passport is officially under an hour from the moment you make your payment. Its written at the payment counter.
(2) if you're lazy to fill up your form, a fee of RM12 includes 4 photos, a photocopy of your identity card and filling up of the form (I went to the 2nd shop which is 2 doors away from the National Registration Department). The other shop next to the National Registration Department quote RM10 for 2 photos, a photocopy of your identity card and filling up of the form

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