Water retention blues



Aaaargh...I can't wear my jeans! I look pregnant! I look swollen! I'm bloated like a balloon. The cellulite looks even worse on such days. Not emoing but there are such bad days called water retention!

And this morning, this is one of those "fine" days.

On any good day, I would prefer to boil my own barley, adding some pandan leaves (screw pine) for some extra flavour. It takes about an hour on slow fire if you use the smaller barley seeds. If you opt for the chinese ones - bigger in size, be prepared to at least boil for 2 hours with some presoaking before you boil it. This chinese barley (my aunt and late granny say is more cooling).

Today started real early 430am. Pretty much dashed my thoughts of boiling my own barley. Opted instead to order from Ah Keong (the coffee shop next to my office - also known as Gangster Paradise). Feeling much better after 1 cup of the warm barley. And I like my barley unsweetened!
And while we're on water retention, I really have no idea why it happens to me. Perhaps I had too much salty food the day before? But it just happens...and most days a glass or two of barley water helps.

Some other tricks that I found that helps to ease my water retention:
• exercising on a regular basis. On bad days, a 30 minutes run sorts me out quite well.
• eat some celery and cucumber sticks or watercress.
• a fruit juice with some celery in it also helps. Green apple and celery go well together.
• small amount of green tea or coffee acts as a natural duretic. The caffeine acts as duretics - this as seen in medication prescribed for PMS bloating.
• ensure that you drink at least 1.5 Litres of water. the little girls room before I grab another cup of barley:D


  1. Great advice to rid water retention. I always boil 'pak kor e-mai' at home. It's supposed to cool us down plus the barley is full of fibre which acts as a meal for me anytime. I love coffee too! Can't do without one everyday.

  2. yummy...i love pak kor yee mai. i add eggs in whole or sometimes break in in - happy memories of granny cooking it that way:P

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